5 SEO techniques you need to start implementing as soon as possible


It’s hard to imagine conducting any online marketing activities without a proper search engine optimization. A website which is not visible in Google can’t hope for spectacular results. If your target audience has problems finding you, it’s time to make a change. Open up for new online experience and implement some SEO techniques ASAP.

1.   User experience is key

Google wants you to provide your users with valuable content and answers to the questions they ask. That’s why you need to do your best to become more user friendly. Build your website for real customers, not for the robots only. Give them all the information they need, provide them with interesting, up-to-date content that your visitors may find helpful or fun. Give them something they want and the payback will come quite soon.

2.   Mobiles always come first

The majority of searches take place on mobile devices – that’s the fact you need to face while building and structuring your website. It has to be available also in a responsive version. If it isn’t, it’ll be repelling for both your users and Google bots. Every SEO agency states that all the recent Google algorithms focus mainly on the mobile friendliness itself. So, there’s no more time for denying the fact that it is basically indispensable. Make your page readable on mobiles and take care of its proper speed. Without it, going further will surely be a struggle.

3.   Take care of your content

It’s quite indisputable that today content is king. Your website’s articles should not only be comprehensible and interesting, but they should also follow some general SEO rules. They ought to comprise a number of effective, established keywords and phrases and be built according to the most valid standards. A simple line of text won’t attract a soul. An article should be composed of headers, subheaders, some bullet points, an enchanting beginning, knowledgeable interior, and an eye-opening end. If you are able to engage the public and make people interested, they might stay for good. You can always get help in creating content from an SEO expert in Manchester UK.

4.   Diverse links portfolio

Yes, linkbuilding is extremely important when it comes to a proper SEO strategy. However, nowadays it’s not about the highest number of links but their value. If they come from trusted, valuable pages, your webpage gets their trust, too. Remember to diversify them: use different sources of links – they don’t even need to all be do-follow. Some of them may even come from social media. Their value may not be direct, but the indirect one counts as well.

5.   Technical SEO – a cherry on top

It probably isn’t easy to do it without professional help from an experienced SEO agency like Fabrykamarketingu.com, but taking care of your technical SEO is a definite must. It’s usually not that simple to build an error-free website, so yours is probably not perfect either. Repairing all the defects in its insides may help it gain speed, make it more mobile friendly and, as a result, it will help you create a website that doesn’t scare off your future customers.

Although all the listed techniques are crucial in your SEO strategy, there are definitely many more to consider. Stay ahead of your competition and introduce the changes as soon as you can!