Single women are most likely to take out a credit card


by Melanie Jones | E-Editions

With women’s rights at the centre of global news, leading price comparison website MoneySuperMarket has analysed years of credit card, mortgage and business insurance data to understand how women are choosing to manage their finances in the 21st century.

The research shows that, as few as 50 years ago, credit cards were mainly owned and used by men, with women predominantly struggling to secure any form of credit unless they had the signature of a male guarantor.

However, this couldn’t be further from today’s truth; MoneySuperMarket data shows that women aged 25-34 are responsible for 40% of all credit card enquiries in the past five years (2013 to present day), while those aged 18-24 account for an average of 16%.

Just under half (47%) of women are now solely responsible for household bills, yet only 43% feel confident when it comes to managing their finances, compared to 53% of men.12

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