Siobhan Benita offers co-operation on Coronavirus to Sadiq Khan


Lib Dem London Mayoral candidate and former senior civil servant, Siobhan Benita, has written to Sadiq Khan offering her support and co-operation in handling the capital’s response to coronavirus.

Her letter was sent just ahead of the official government announcement that we are moving to the delay phase.

The letter in full is here:

Dear Sadiq

As it looks likely that we will move from ‘contain’ to ‘delay’ phase in the management of the Coronavirus, it’s clear that this will have significant implications for people and businesses across the capital. This issue is beyond party politics and I want to offer the co-operation of myself and the Liberal Democrats in London at this crucial time.

Londoners are resilient and compassionate. I know that many will be concerned about their and their loved ones’ safety but I also know that they will want to do everything they can to help the most vulnerable Londoners during this period.

I’ve spoken to charities and other voluntary organisations and they are concerned about losing volunteers right at the time of rising demand. As self-organised voluntary responses to Coronavirus in London have already emerged, I would like to see City Hall coordinate a London-wide volunteer task-force – drawing on the example of the wonderful Gamesmakers during the Olympic Games. I believe, working within the official guidance on good practice during this period, this could provide vital support where it is needed most. I look forward to your thoughts on that.

This is an unprecedented moment for the capital. It’s a time for collaboration and pooling of ideas and resources. It is absolutely not a time for political point-scoring.

On the contrary, I would like to be clear that if there is any way at all that I can help you and your team, either in a personal capacity – drawing on my experience from Whitehall and my work with families and young people – or in a party capacity by mobilising our members and support across London, then I am happy to co-operate.

Kind regards

Siobhan Benita