Slots and Movie Hits – an Endless Source of Entertainment


What do Terminator, King Kong, Jurassic Park and Dirty Dancing have in common? The answer is simple – these are some of the biggest Hollywood hits in the history of the film industry. But in addition to famous titles from the world of cinema, these are also the names of popular casino games. And more precisely – slots, which are among the most sought after by fans of the gambling thrill. Of course, we are not talking about coincidences, as the slots in question are deliberately named in such a way as to attract exactly the movie fans who like the thrill of the games of chance. Movie and casino enthusiasts can also try free slots online created after famous movie hits.

Recently, among the standout slots in online casinos, for example, is Game of Thrones. The cult series, which for years attracted the attention of millions around the world, can now be played on online gambling platforms. Now the symbols from Game of Thrones already form a whole series of games – such as games with the symbols of different kingdoms (wolf, lion, deer) or the famous dragons of Deneris Targaryen, the image of the Mother of Dragons or John Snow.

The risk can be minimal

Or even zero. Many of these movie-themed slots can be found in any online casino among the lists of casino games that are played without risking real money. Demo versions of the famous slots often do not even require registration and in no way risk the budget of the players. With them, whether they spin reels with the image of Arnold Schwarzenegger or the characters from Game of Thrones, they play with virtual tokens, for which no one pays anything. This is “internet money” that you can’t exchange for real, nor do you have to pay to use it.

Of course, if you do not operate with real currency, you can not expect a profit. The profits are expressed in the form of virtual tokens, which are valid only within the relevant title and nowhere else. What’s the point of playing with such fictional “chips”? The idea is to get to know the game itself – what are the symbols, how many are the winning lines and which of them bring the highest profit. Hundreds of spins can be made to give the player an idea of ​​the approximate percentage of successful spins. There is no guarantee that this will happen again in the real game with real money, but at least it gives orientation.

Otherwise, the aforementioned movie stars shine on the slots, where real winnings are played out. John Snow can guard not the Wall, as in the series, but the jackpot, which hundreds of players strive to get. Precisely because of the popularity of Hollywood and television, such slots often accumulate the most promising prize pool.