Smile for A Successful Date This Valentine’s Day


New research from Australia’s leading teeth whitening brand White Glo, reveals a simple smile is the only secret singles need this Valentine’s Day.

Nearly half (49%) admit a white smile is top of their wish list in a potential partner, meaning Valentine’s Day is not the time to hold back a glowing grin.

The research also reveals Brits have high standards when it comes to how their partners’ teeth look. Over a third (38%) of women claim they would not date someone with bad teeth and over a quarter of men (28%) say they would not kiss their date if they had bad teeth.

However, despite these high standards it seems Brits are lacking the confidence to show off their teeth, as over a third (34%) admit to avoiding smiling altogether because they are so self-conscious of how their teeth look.

White Glo’s dental expert, Jordan Kirk, reveals how to win over your Valentine’s Date, or reignite the spark, with nothing but a smile.