Social Media Enhances Londoners’ Self-Esteems, new research shows


Is there a secret to being happy online? According to new data, millennials reap more happiness from being online than any other generation[iii], including the younger Generation K, but one this is for certain – Young adults feel better about themselves for being online.


When asking Londoners in particular, what aspects of the internet affect their mood the most, almost half say their social media activities and profiles enhance their self-esteem (vs 25% overall), and 41% say social media activities empower them as an individual.

However, it has also been revealed that social media – the double-edged sword – also can negatively affect the moods of Londoners more than any other online activity (33%), followed by financial 24%.

In light of these findings Carphone Warehouse have spoken to Sociologist Anna Akbari, PhD, Dr Pamela Rutledge, Director at the Media Psychology Research Center, and author of The Happiness Effect Donna Freitas, PhD, to create a guide to being happy online.

So, is there a secret to being happy online?

Psychologist Dr Pamela Rutledge, PhD, says: “The best approach for online use is to practice mindfulness and presence in your choices and actions. Be aware of when you go online so you’re not doing it out of sheer habit. Being mindful allows you to think of your online activities in relation to what you want to accomplish, just like you would evaluate offline activities”