SONYA ROTHWELL Officially Launches Limited Edition Silk Ties for Women


SONYA ROTHWELL Officially Launches Limited Edition Silk Ties for Women at Paris Fashion Week; Tranoi International Women’s Edition 02 – 05 March

Fine artist and designer Sonya Rothwell aspires to inspire, intending her dynamic silk ties to empower women to “step out of the shadows.” The artist designer says;

“Women lead with love. We listen, nurture and empower, using our deep intuition and gentle strength to bring balance. The world needs our equanimity – Mother Gaia is calling us. Ladies, it’s time to reawaken our Divine Feminine Power and fix things around here.”

Sonya’s daughter Peony Anise – “a divine feminine goddess in the making” – is a huge inspiration and driving force behind Sonya’s unique new accessories collection; “It’s so important for us to empower our daughters and teach them that they can be the change.” As Gandhi said ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’.) Peony & Sonya are seen in feature image wearing Sonya’s silk ties.

Made in Heaven, hand sewn in Italy, Sonya Rothwell’s bespoke wearable works of art are ‘rebirths’ of her otherworldly oil paintings of the cosmos, creating a fusion between art and fashion. Like space, Sonya’s celestial creations expand in all directions off canvas, onto ties, scarves and clothes, as well as fabrics, wallpapers, lampshades and objet as limited edition collectable art pieces that come with a signed certificate of authenticity.


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