South Korean Company Everymedi Announces Availability of Personal Protective Equipment, Disinfectants, and Covid19 Detection Kits


South Korean medical device exporter Everymedi today announced the launch of PPE equipment, coronavirus detection kits, and disinfectants for the global market. The range consists of detection kits, protective clothing, and disinfection supplies. All products comply with strict South Korean government manufacturing and safety guidelines. 

Covid19 Pandemic Update

As of 15 Apr 2020, 1,926,400 people have officially been infected with Covid19, 124754 people have sadly died, and 61650 are reported to have recovered. Many countries believe the figures may be considerably higher. However, a lack of testing equipment and laboratory facilities and staff have limited the number of tests health services can carry out in each country.

Worldwide, an estimated 3.6 billion people are living in some form of lockdown as governments and the WHO battle the spread of the virus. Health services in many countries are facing a surge in cases leaving many to fear that hospital capacity will run out.

A shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) is putting the lives of front-line health care staff at risk. The WHO continues urging governments to ‘test, test, test’ with experts emphasizing the importance of widespread testing in the fight against coronavirus.

WHO Recommendations on PPE, Testing, and Disinfectants

In its advice to governments, the WHO has stressed the need for health care staff to use “PPE appropriately; this involves selecting proper PPE and being trained in how to put on, remove, and dispose of it.” It further pointed to a global shortage of PPE: 

“The current global stockpile of PPE is insufficient, particularly for medical masks and respirators; the supply of gowns and goggles is soon expected to be insufficient also. Surging global demand-driven not only by the number of COVID-19 cases but also by misinformation, panic buying, and stockpiling − will result in further shortages of PPE globally. The capacity to expand PPE production is limited, and the current demand for respirators and masks cannot be met, especially if widespread inappropriate use of PPE continues.”

The WHO has urged governments to “test, test, test” to enable detection and curb the rapid spread of the disease.

Hand hygiene and the disinfection of potentially contaminated surfaces remains a core measure in the fight against Covid19.

South Korea’s Success in fighting Covid19

Although South Korea is still fighting Covid19, the country is seen as one of the most successful in ‘flattening the curve.’ (Figure 1)


Widespread testing, alongside quarantining measures and thorough contact tracing, is believed to have allowed South Korea to dramatically reduce its rate of infection. At present, the government is putting in place measures to prevent a second surge initiated by imported cases.

Everymedi Products: Personal Protective Equipment, Disinfectants, Detection Kits

Covid19 Detection Kits

Everymedi supplies two types of detection kits for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19):

1) reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR): laboratory technique combining reverse transcription of RNA into DNA and amplification of specific DNA targets using PCR.

Figure 2. RT-PCR detection procedures

In general, the results are available within a few hours. This is faster than previous pan-coronavirus testing, of which the process is more comprehensive and thus usually takes about one day for results.

RT-PCR saves time by comparing certain protein genes of the coronavirus. RT-PCR became available after the World Health Organization (WHO) identified the sequence of COVID-19 because it enabled firms to come up with RT-PCR kits that detect whether a sample has the genome sequence to draw out results. Another benefit of an RT-PCRtest is that it may be able to detect viruses earlier in an infection.

2) antibody-based detection kit:antibody-based detection kits identify the presence of antibodies produced by the host immune system against the virus

Protective Clothing

Everymedi supplies all known grade protective suits. According to European standards, there are six basic types of protective clothing against chemical and microbiological hazards, including COVID-19. Based on the different groups of applications, these six types include:

1) gas-tight,

2) air-fed non-gas-tight suits,

3) suits against pressurized liquids,

4) suits against sprayed liquids,

5) suits against solid particles, and

6) suits offering limited protective performance liquid chemicals.

Figure 3 PPE Grades

With the exception of Type 5, the level of protection reduces from Type 1, which offers the highest level of protection, to Type 6, which offers the least protection.

The World Health Organization has published detailed guidelines on PPE.


Everymedi supplies disinfectants for use on surfaces as well as hand sanitizers.

Disinfectants are antimicrobial agents designed to inactivate or destroy microorganisms on inert surfaces. Disinfectants are frequently used in hospitals, dental surgeries, kitchens, and bathrooms to kill infectious organisms.

Along with the outbreak of infectious diseases such as COVID-19, many people have started using disinfectants in households as well.

The hand can also be viewed as a type of disinfectant, but it is used exclusively for hand hygiene.

Product Benefits for Health Services, Health Care Workers and Governments

All the products Everymedi supplies can help governments and health services in the fight against the Covid19 pandemic. The PPE provides certified protection for health care front line workers and others working in high-infection-risk areas.

Disinfectants facilitate the deep cleaning and decontamination of hospital settings, public buildings, social care facilities, public spaces, and homes. Hand hygiene can improve through the use of effective hand sanitizers.

All such products help to curtail the infection rates and will contribute to finding a global solution.

Product Availability

Everymedi products are available to order by health authorities or government agencies. Pricing, quantity, shipment, and delivery terms and periods are tailored to suit each end user.

Product Quality and Assurance

The South Korean government has certified all Everymedi products.

About Everymedi

For further information, to contact Everymedi, and to place an order, please visit our website.