Sports babe Amy Christophers is every guys dream Valentine


by Dan Bryans

It’s Valentines so of course our favourite blondie sports loving babe Amy Christophers is posing up a storm for her followers on Instagram. But how will she be spending her Valentines? Lets find out!!

Amy, how does it feel to be referred to as every guys dream girl?

I find that really weird and I’m sure my boyfriend wouldn’t agree haha I have my downsides! But I’m just laid back and love my sports, but still like being feminine and love clothes, bags and make up etc! But I think in reality I actually intimidate most guys, if I’m out with friends I never get hit on and if I do I start chatting about football, then I think they feel a little emasculated, especially when I drop in I’m a referee [haha] but that doesn’t really bother me, we are in 2018 now and if guys still think football is just a mans game then they are stuck in the dark ages! The first written recorded women’s football game was played in 1628!! So we aren’t new to the party and in America ‘Soccer’ is seen as girls sport, so The difference in opinions of our countries on the game are hilarious!

Amy wears a body from Reckless Wolf

So what would your perfect Valentines consist of, and any tips for the guys reading this?

I think I’m quite easy to please, a bunch of roses and a card is perfectly fine. I think most girls like myself just want to feel appreciated and just because you’ve got the girl you should never stop making the effort!!

Going out for a fancy dinner is certainly an added bonus but personally I think every where is over priced on Valentines and it’s all a little cliché! I’ll be staying in this evening cooking one of my special dishes, have some bubbly or some beers and watch Real Madrid V PSG; followed by a nice relaxing candle lit bubble bath.

Letter box roses from Appleyard London

That sounds great Amy and I’m sure most guys would love to do the same this evening, but can they really get away with watching the football tonight?

Well, that depends if their partner is into football [laughs] if they aren’t then just record the match, and make sure you have the apps on your phone to keep you updated on the scores and either take her out or cook her something nice.

and pop on a romantic film. You can catch up on the game later or watch the highlights but you can still keep up to date real time with what’s going on. Oh, and make sure you get your bets on!! It’s gonna be a tight match!!