Struggling youth club receives an early Christmas present from Steven Sulley


The Amateur Boxing Club, part of The Bromley and Downham Youth Club, received an early Christmas present of £1,000 to support their fundraising efforts for a minibus, to carry the team to competitions as one. The cheque was presented by local volunteer, Steven Sulley, who attending the boxing club in his youth. The Bromley and Downham Youth Club, which provides a range of educational, cultural and sporting facilities, has notably been opened with the attendance of Prince Philip in 1971 and again after a new extension in 2012.

Mr. Sulley raised funds by creating a Just Giving Page and entered a competition organised by the Queensbury Boxing League. He contributed funds from his tickets sales and documented his preparation for the competition, to help raise awareness for the youth club which does not have its own Instagram, and show his support for the sport. An attendee of the club when he was 14 years old, Steven believes in the discipline, drive and respect that boxing teaches its students, which he credits helped in the pursuit of his business endeavours. The Amateur Boxing Club of Bromley and Downham, has a target of £13,000 to purchase a minibus that meets the Low Emission Zone standards. The minibus will help the many parents, volunteers and coaches who have driven across the country to support the youth participating in matches or tournaments throughout year.

Richard Foster, one of Bromley and Downham’s Amateur Boxing Club Coaches, noted that 35 to 40 youth attend each night, three times a week. In response to a question on crime in Bromley and how the club supports the community, Mr. Foster noted about the attending youth, “We’re keeping them off the streets, we’re giving them something to do. We’re not only teaching them boxing, we’re trying to teach them life skills. Even though boxing is an individual man sport, we still act as one team. They don’t just get in the ring and box. They put in the preparation and people don’t realise the hard work that goes into boxing.”

Determined to encourage the youth at Bromley and Downham, in their goals for boxing and personal development, Steven Sulley has promised ongoing support to create projects that will help increase awareness and raise funds to maintain and improve the club facilities.

If you would like to find out how you can volunteer or assist in fundraising initiatives, please contact Richard Foster at the Bromley and Downham Youth Club on 02084 612 597.