Study explores the parallels between the human brain and Artificial Intelligence


New Huawei study explores the parallels between the human brain and Artificial Intelligence

Global technology company Huawei has launched a study on the similarities between the human brain and Artificial Intelligence, which reveals that the average European is unaware of 99.74% of the actual decisions they make every day, showing how hard our brain works without us having to consciously engage it.

It is commonly accepted that the human brain makes approximately 35,000 decisions (1) a day; however, the new research, polling 10,000 Europeans, reveals that we are aware of just 0.26% of these decisions with respondents on average believing they make only 92 decisions per day.

Walter Ji, President, Huawei Western Europe Consumer Business Group comments, “The research shows how human intelligence works just like Artificial Intelligence, operating in the background to empower us in everything we do. While revealing a significant gap between the number of decisions we believe we make every day and the actual number we make, the results also shed light on other discrepancies between how we think we spend our time, and how we actually spend it.”

The research also revealed how people would like their smartphones to help with decisions and make their lives easier, with 47% saying they would like to be presented with creative ways to use up the food that’s in their fridge, and 43% saying they would like automatic notifications about travel. Some 39% said they would like help learning new languages, 38% would like help with taking better photos and 31% would like to be shown new music artists that they might like. Respondents could choose more than one option, which is why the total amounts to more than 100%.