Sue Barker OBE,Eamonn Holmes & Angie Best Support New Charity Single


The K-9 Angels have launched a stunning thought-provoking song ‘Let’s Go Home’ featuring just some of the 800 dogs the K-9 Angels charity has rehomed.


Supported by Patron Sue Barker OBE, TV Presenter Eamonn Holmes and Fitness guru Angie Best.

Eamonn Holmes, the winner of Best Breakfast TV Presenter Ever Award, is featured with his an adopt don’t shop message with his rescue dog Maggie.

Eamonn says;

“All over the UK rescue centres full with dogs desperately needing homes. Many dogs are given as presents over the Christmas period and then are dumped at a shelter in January as the ‘present’ wasn’t properly thought through.”

“Getting a dog is something that needs a lot of thought and commitment. If you decide to get a dog, please consider adopting a dog from a shelter, those are the ones in need!”