T-shirts with protest messages are in trend


T-shirts with protest messages are now in style, becoming the most sought-after items on the market. You can choose your favourite or even create your own logo. You can buy it in www.tostadora.co.uk

T-shirts with protest messages have recently entered into fashion, with many clothing designers discovering a viable channel through which to express everything they want to convey in a reduced space. The demand for printing protest messages on t-shirts is a fairly recent phenomenon – while in the past statements could be made in various ways, these did not usually concern clothing.

Today, brands can create emblems wearers can be truly proud to sport, in a reduced space. Logos and messages are the favourites of younger generations, but it’s also an excellent idea to give to a loved one to express your feelings. Get your t-shirts at the specialised store Tostadora.co.uk – where you’ll find plenty of fun and original designs.

The power of a message

Clothes are a symbolic element within society and its referential power is something we all take advantage of – even if we’re not aware of it. Everything we wear is loaded of meaning – as such, clothes can be understood as a message conveyed without using a single word, expressing one’s place in the world.

A person’s clothing reveals their social class, socio-economic status and how the world receives our image. What’s more, clothes have long been understood as a question of gender, restricting diversity and even allocating specific colours to the sex of a baby: with boys dressed in baby blue and girls in pink. Today, everything is changing – clothes have no gender and may be worn by anyone, without limitation.

All this can be decoded within a social framework, as our clothes – even without any explicit message – say a lot about the wearer. As such, adding a message can be an explicit means of protest which allows us to express ourselves, without saying a single word.

What type of t-shirt should you buy?

Of course, you should buy a t-shirt that meets your individual needs perfectly; however, there are certain specific characteristics that should be considered before purchasing a garment. The most important qualities of any garment are:

  • Materials: it’s worth considering the material from which the t-shirt has been manufactured in order to avoid any irritation to the skin. Ideally, it should be 100% cotton to allow your skin to breathe properly and perspiration to evaporate.
  • Quality: a product’s quality is essential if you want it to be comfortable and remain in good condition over time.
  • Size: the size of your clothes should be appropriate to the tasks you need to carry out wearing them. If something doesn’t fit right, it’s not only aesthetically unattractive, it can also be uncomfortable and even restrict movement.