The Most Popular Home Improvement/Investment Trends in the UK


Acquiring a home is a very significant achievement for many people. In the UK, homeownership can be particularly challenging and so it is quite understandable that those who have managed to reach this milestone will want to take the best possible care of their investments.  There are several things that homeowners can do to boost the quality and value of their residential properties. For the most part, the type of enhancements that property owners apply to their spaces is determined by factors such as budget, tastes and the nature of the property itself. But there are some trends, such as the installation of parquet flooring, that have taken root and are proving worthwhile, especially for UK homeowners.

Trending Renovations

UK homeowners are more inclined to upgrades related to the kitchen and the outdoor space than any other area of the home. The bathroom is next in line, followed by home extension projects. At the end of the day homeowners’ investments in property improvements are influenced by two main factors; budget and impact on property value.

Curb Appeal

For those residential properties that have scope for the creation of curb appeal (apartments, for instance, don’t usually have room for much work on curb appeal), there are a number of options for improvements or enhancements. A fresh coat of paint is one of the most popular choices as it instantly increases the visual appeal of the property as well as its value.
Depending on the space available, some homeowners add value through landscaping. This includes installing and maintaining lawns and gardens or, on the more elaborate side, creating outdoor living spaces.  Multifunction outdoor spaces is a trending move among UK homeowners, with many opting to install fire pits, outdoor kitchens, wooden outdoor flooring or a combination of these outdoor features to create an enjoyable outdoor space while improving the look and value of their property.
Homeowners with the space and the financial means can consider installing a swimming pool. This tends to be a costly investment, though, and care must be taken to ensure that once installed, the pool is properly maintained.

Interior Upgrades

Many UK homeowners boost their investment in residential real estate by improving the comforts on the inside. This means, among other things, upgrading interior features such as cabinetry, heating and cooling systems and flooring.

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New Cabinets

Updating the cabinets in the kitchen, bathroom, and washroom is a great way to add value to residential real estate investment.  If the existing cabinetry is outdated, worn or damaged, the upgrade will have an even more dramatic increase in the aesthetics and value of the property.

Heating and cooling systems are essential to the European home. In the winter, for instance, a home’s interior needs to be adequately heated in order to keep its inhabitants safe and comfortable. Outdated heating systems can cost a lot of money and make life difficult for people who live in the home. Additionally, they have a negative impact on the home’s value. A recently updated or newly installed modern heating system such as a boiler increases a home’s value while making it a safer and more comfortable living space.

Older homes are likely to have outdated boilers and, of course, are more likely to be in need of an upgrade.  Older boilers are more likely to be inefficient and to malfunction or stop working altogether. Professional boiler maintenance and installation is, therefore, a key investment for any UK homeowner who wants to improve the value of their property.
Homeowners who decide to improve or upgrade their flooring have several great options at their disposal. Parquet flooring is particularly appealing for several reasons. The most popular reason for choosing this type of flooring is its beauty. Because parquet flooring is wooden strips or blocks that are arranged to create a pattern and the wood itself comes in many different shades, floors upgraded with this product look absolutely stunning. It also gives the interior a luxurious finish as well as an elegant and modern look.

Home Office

The COVID19 pandemic has fast-tracked the move to work from home arrangements. Therefore in the UK, as it is in the remainder of the world, home offices have become crucial features in residential real estate.  This home office may be a semi enclosed outdoor space or a specially designed room. The ultimate home office is, of course, sound proof, well lit and furnished with the furniture and tools that facilitate remote work.
Today’s homeowners have many options at their disposal as they seek to protect and enhance their investments. Additionally, homeowners are becoming more discerning when it comes to investing in improvements for their home while also prioritizing the financial gains that come from taking on these projects.

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