Talented Chefs to Showcase Wonders of Plant-Based Cooking at VegfestUK London


As 1000’s of people are switching to a plant-based diet or moving in that direction, it can be a huge challenge to work out what they can serve up on their plates in place of dishes centred on meat, dairy, eggs or fish and other derivatives of animal foods.

However here at VegfestUK London – the biggest vegan festival of its kind we have all of the answers and inspiration to guide you on your journey!

Beginners to plant-based living and cooking might initially be scratching their heads for ideas, particularly so for those living on the fast lane with limited time to explore recipe ideas. With family members to feed, a wide spectrum of tastes as well as perhaps feeding on a shoestring and wondering what new ingredients to stock up on.

However in reality, the possibilities of plant-based cooking are endless for everybody, with a rainbow of options available from the plant kingdom.

With major brands, supermarkets and health stores now having animal-free alternatives too.

Whether you are looking for predominantly healthy dishes, plant-based alternatives to seasonal favourites, or self-indulgence from sweet treats or deep-fried “dirty vegan food”, and whether you have only minutes or several hours to spend making meals as well as all budget options to gourmet level, plant-based ingredients have got all bases covered.

A number of talented chefs, who have made their mark on the culinary scene with their own ideas on getting the best out of exclusively plant-based ingredients, will be showcasing their own unique recipes in a series of cookery demos at the upcoming vegan festival VegfestUK London on October 27-28 at Olympia London.

Our cookery demos cater for audiences of all levels of cooking, from complete beginners to seasoned chefs looking for further inspirations to add to their own repertoire of plant-based recipes.

Sitting in on just one or two demos would provide some excellent ideas for getting that nutritional boost or just treating oneself or one’s families, friends or clients.

The Cookery Demos area will be hosted by award-winning vegan caterers Shambhu’s, who have consistently presented cookery demos at previous VegfestUK events, and the organisers are delighted to welcome them back at the upcoming London event.

Cookery Demos confirmed


Louisa Mitchell (Mindful Chef) – Sri Lankan Jackfruit & Chickpea Curry with Broccoli Rice

Nisham Shah (Shambhu’s) – Spice It Up!

Danielle Maupertuis – Halloween and New Year Recipes

Anita Kerai – Mombasa Channa Mix

Tomi Makanjuola – Fun Plantain Recipes

Anita Kerai – Avocado and Kale Petis


Nisham Shah (Shambhu’s) – Vegan Sweet Treats

Vegan Chef Day – Vegan and Gluten-free BBQ Burgers stuffed with Vegan Cheese

Ben Asamani (222 Vegan Cuisine) – recipe TBA

Danielle Maupertuis – Halloween and New Year Recipes

Farrah Rainfly – Healthy Eating on a Vegan Diet


Further chefs, full timetable and detailed descriptions can be found on this page here.