TEDxClapham explores the theme of growth


GROWTH is unavoidable; we see it everywhere. Technology is developing, populations are increasing, tensions are building, cities are widening, seas are rising. We all want to move forwards and fast, because without growth decay begins.

On Sunday 17th June, inspiring speakers from across the globe will descend on The Clapham Grand as part of TEDx’s third event in Clapham. The theme this year is ‘grow’ with experts discussing their take on the topic, including:

• Dr Anna Machin: Perfectly timed for Father’s Day, the evolutionary anthropologist shares the outcome of 10 years’ worth of research on the father-child relationship.

• Sam Conniff Allende: An acclaimed public speaker, serial entrepreneur and mentor of thousands of talented young entrepreneurs, Sam discusses why the millennials of today will drive a new age of ‘piratism’, rewrite the rules and change the status quo.

• Richard Ballard: Creator of the UK’s first subterranean urban farm, located in a disused WWII Air Raid Shelter 100ft directly below Clapham, Richard will share his thoughts on the future of technology and agriculture.

• Che Lingo: Local South West London rapper heads back to his roots to discuss the harsh realities of judgement and acceptance.

• Dhruv Boruah: Born in the foothills of the Himalayas, the adventurer turned plastic campaigner explores how plastic isn’t just infiltrating our oceans, but also our diet.

Event: TEDxClapham: Grow

Date: Sunday 17th June 2018

Time: 10:30am – 5pm

Location: The Clapham Grand, 21-25 St John’s Hill, London, SW11 1TT

Admission: £45