The Benefits of E-Signatures


As the online world continues to create more convenient ways to run things, why should the way we sign stay the same? E-signatures have helped to streamline business operations as well as our everyday lives, enabling people to complete contracts anytime, anywhere, all accessible through desktop and mobile devices.

However, whilst helping to make all sorts of signing processes more time-efficient, e-signatures can offer a variety of other fantastic benefits for businesses to take advantage of. Below are just a few of the ways implementing e-signatures can advance your business operations.

Increased Security

Digitising documents with the help of e-sign technology can help to keep a business’s private information safe and secured and HIPAA compliant esignatures are just one of the many ways in which the signature industry has tightened its security. Some of the world’s largest companies help to protect their documents with e-sign technology; certain providers offering a multi-layered security infrastructure to keep documents safe.

Whilst some may be concerned about storing such confidential details of their business online, it can actually be safer than simply storing it in paper format, providing HTTPS encryption, penetration testing, IP login restrictions and more to help safeguard personal files in a way that can’t be done with physical documents.

More Accessibility  

Regardless of where your clients are, with e-sign technology, contracts and other signed documents can be completed from anywhere via a phone or tablet. This has increased the accessibility to these types of operations like never before, and has saved businesses the hassle of organising signings in person, streamlining this process.

Especially given the current COVID-19 climate, many organisations have had to operate on an entirely digital basis, and have benefitted greatly from implementing e-sign technology. Banks, for example, can use e-signatures to help manage the influx of customers wanting to rearrange their finances due to the pandemic – abiding by the rules of social distancing whilst enabling banks and customers to effectively process such modifications as deferring loans, refinancing mortgages and more.

It’s Paperless

Another great perk to e-signatures that can benefit both a business and the planet – it’s paperless! Moving documents away from paper can help to not only make them more secure and accessible, it can also reduce a business’s carbon footprint, whilst saving money on paper and ink costs, as well as freeing up space around the office.

It’s reported that roughly 160,000 trees are cut down each day for paper. By digitising documents with the help of e-sign features, businesses can help to do their bit in protecting the environment, reducing the demand for paper.

Improved Signing Experience

As e-signatures can be conducted whenever and wherever on a range of different devices, they can help to improve the experience clients and professional partners have with a business; making the signing process more convenient and accommodating to their schedules.

By improving client and partner interactions with a business, this can help to improve their overall attitudes towards the business, thereby promoting professional relationships.

Using e-signatures can also improve the business’s experience of signing operations, saving time on chasing up the relevant parties to meet for signings, and enabling them to manage and organise all relevant documents and contracts easily and securely online.