The best care for your silver biker jewellery


There’s no doubt that sterling silver biker adornments look stunning when you first purchase it from the store. But then after a while, you realize that they lose their sheen and don’t look as attractive as they were initially.

Now just because your silver jewellery stains and the shine seem to fade away, it doesn’t mean that you need to put away the jewellery, which you purchased with so much excitement.

What if we told you that cleaning your biker jewellery is a rather simple enough task and can be done from within the comfort of your own home? It makes so much sense to learn the tips and tricks to bring the shine back and make your jewellery as good as brand new?

So if you have some unique looking silver biker gems and are contemplating about making it spotless, here are a few hints to keep your jewellery clean, shining and glazing new.

What you need to know about Silver in general

Silver is a considerably delicate metal and discolours rather quickly. So if you own some sterling silver biker jewellery then there are a few things which you need to keep in mind to ensure that your silver in impeccable condition.

Keep wearing your jewellery regularly.

Stashing away your silver jewellery is not the best idea; silver is not like gold or platinum in that sense. Silver is at its best when you wear it and it stays in constant contact with your skin. When you wear your jewellery, the natural oils from your skin ends up acting as a polishing agent, making your jewellery retain its shine. Putting it away in a box only makes it oxidise and leads to its discolouration.

Avoid Sulphur and Other Chemicals

Sulphur and silver are natural foes. Basically, what this means is that anything that contains sulphurwill stain your silver jewellery. So it’s best to keep your jewellery away from household items like cleansers, chlorinated water, or foods like onions, mustard and eggs, which tend to contain traces of silver. Any chemicals that contain sulphur need to be kept away from your silver jewellery.

Ensure minimal contact of beauty care products with your jewellery

Cosmetics products like hairsprays; fragrances, creams, and moisturizers will also rapidly stain silver jewellery. So it’s recommended that you take your adornments off before you use any of these products. This simple precaution can help ensure that your jewellery doesn’t get any unnecessary stains from these products.

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Store silver gems in an airtight container

Like we saw, when your jewellery gets exposed to air, it causes the discolouration silver jewelleryrather quickly. So if you are looking to put them away even for a short duration of time, then you should store it in an airtight container.

Since silver is rather a soft metal, store it with other harder metals as it has a tendency to develop scratches rather easily.

The preferred way to clean sterling silver biker gems

There are various products that you can use to clean silver gems. This includes dips, silver polish, and specially designed cleaning fabrics.

Apart from this, you can also try some home prescribed tips. Baking soda and lemon juice are two of the most commonly used substances, which are used to distain silverware. Though the home tips are really cost effective and easy to use, it’s not highly recommended as sometimes they might just end up doing more harm than good to your silverware. 

Another important aspect to keep in mind while cleaning your sterling silver biker jewellery is not to over-polish your jewellery or keep it soaked in a dip for too long.

The sterling silver biker jewellery designs have been carefully crafted to highlight certain aspects of the jewellery and by excessive polishing, you might just end up ruining the look and feel of the jewellery.

What is prescribed though is the use of a Jewelry Polishing Cloth, for example, Silver Blue cleaning materials or similar material do a great job in keeping the design and the shine of your jewelry?

The Boon for your Silverware: SilverBluecleaning fabrics

SilverBlue cleaning fabrics are rare cleaning materials that have a quality of lifting discolouring from your jewellery and recoloring your jewellery straight from the contours adornment. The best thing is that these can be used effectively for gold as well as platinum jewelry as well.

If your jewellery is not very tainted, then you can use the SilverBlue cleaning materials to clean silver biker gems. If however your jewellery has substantial discolouration, then you may need to utilize SilverBlue cleaning cream first to expel the substantial discolouring.

SilverBlue cleaning materials are extremely simple to use and rapidly expel recolors and discolouring, the only caveat being that these fabrics should be utilized dry and not washed with water.

The most incredible thing about SilverBluecleaning materials is that they are multipurpose. Not only does it do an amazing job of cleaning the silver jewelery but also prevents further discolouration of other metal jewellery as well.

Using a SilverBule Fabric the right way

Cleaning your silver biker adornments with a cleaning fabric is both an art and a science. Using a back-and-forth motion, you can use the polishing cloth to polish your jewellery gently. The one thing that you need to ensure is that the jewellery is not scrubbed with the cloth. Circular movement on the jewellery leads to scratches as well as spoil any intentional discolouring on the adornments. Once this is done, you simply have to place the jewellery under cool water and dry it with the cloth. That’s it you are ready

As a precaution, you should wash your hands well after you have completed the process of polishing jewellery with the silver cleaning cloth. Moreover, you should store the polishing cloths in airtight bags so that they can be reused effectively for the next time.

The best approach to keep your sterling silver biker Jewelry looking bright and perfect is to clean it consistently with a Silver Blue cleaning material and abstain from giving it a chance to come into contact with any synthetic substances. That way, you won’t scratch the adornments and you won’t hazard evacuating the intentional discolouring that may have been utilized to feature the examples in the plan of the gems.