The Best Scratch Cards You Can Play From Home


Finding enjoyable things to do when stuck at home all day can be a challenge. Keeping busy and having fun is essential for staying positive during these difficult times.

Many people find that gaming is a good way to help pass the time. Whether it is on PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch or even just your mobile phone, there are a huge range of games to choose from.

There really are options for people of all ages, interests and skill levels. For competitive players who enjoy the thrill of winning, online casinos are a great way to blow off some steam and potentially win cash prizes.

From poker and roulette to slots and scratch cards, online casinos have choices to suit all interests and skill levels. But if you aren’t interested in complex strategy based games and just want to play for fun, ones that rely solely on luck and not skill, such as scratch cards, are your best option.

As luck would have it, it isn’t difficult to find scratch card games with fun and varied themes, generous bonuses and great cash prizes. Websites like regularly put together lists of the best deals and promotions that are up for grabs.

Here are some helpful tips to take note of before playing online scratch cards:

Before you pick a scratch card game, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, look carefully at the game description before you decide to buy it. Each game has a different theme, prize and chance of winning. Don’t just pick the cheapest game without reading the small print, as the lowest cost game is also likely to have the lowest prize pool.

While you should choose games with themes that appeal to you, as enjoyment is obviously important, try not to get too distracted by dazzling graphics. Without searching different websites, you might miss out on some great casino bonuses and offers.

One essential rule of playing any casino game is to always play within your means. Be sure to set yourself a strict cash limit before you start playing, and while it can be tempting to play just one more game, you should never go over your pre-agreed budget. The simplicity and fast paced nature of a scratch card game can make spending money quickly a little too easy, and the ‘reveal all’ option on some games increases this speed even more. Take your time and have fun, any prizes you win should be seen as an added bonus.

Another tip is to reach out to other online players. There are many online chat forums and communities where you can do this. Learn where to find the best online scratch cards from people who have already played them. They will be able to point you in the direction of the games with the best odds. Making use of these opportunities to connect with others is even more important when stuck at home as it will help to prevent feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Once you have followed these tips, you are ready to play your first game. If you haven’t been on an online casino before, you may feel a little overwhelmed by the huge amount of options and games on offer at first. Simply, follow the steps below and you will be playing in no time:

● Use a bonus comparison site to find a casino with the best scratch card bonuses. These may be general site wide no-deposit bonuses or ones that are scratch card game specific.
● Check out the wagering requirements and game odds to ensure that you are getting a fair chance at winning prizes.
● If you’re going for a general no-deposit bonus, double check that scratch cards are included in the wagering contributions.
● Finally, sign up for an online account with your chosen casino, add in your deposit and start playing!

Now that you are well acquainted with what online scratch cards are and how you should play the game, let’s take a lookat some examples of different themed games you can play from the comfort of your sofa.

Themed scratch cards you might want to try…

Deal or No Deal fans will be pleased to know that there is a scratch card game based on the TV series. Players open the familiar red boxes to reveal the value that each of them hold. For lower values, you will need to match three boxes, whereas for higher values you will need to match five. The infamous banker also makes an appearance, giving you the option to start a bonus blue box game.

There are also games inspired by your favourite soap operas like Emmerdale, with a scenic view of Yorkshire in the backdrop and the programme’s main characters featuring as symbols.

Marvel film fanatics can also try their hand at an Iron Man themed scratch card game. In the three by three grid you will find well known characters and objects from the film. If you match three reactor symbols in a certain pattern you can win a cash prize. There is also an online slot version of this game you can try.

For a scratch card with a mythical feel, there are a number of games featuring the legendary wizard Merlin. With icons themed around mysterious spells and magical potions, this card’s dazzling graphics and catchy upbeat music adds a level of excitement to gameplay.

These are just a few examples of the best scratch cards you can play at home. Remember to look around for the best deals, set yourself a strict spending limit, and most importantly – have fun!