The Best Smartphones For Londoners Who Love Gaming

Source: Pixabay

London has been the scene of some exciting developments in the world of mobile technology in recent years.

From Stormzy’s gig on the Thames to mark the launch of 5G in the UK, to recent developments like Verizon opening its first 5G-enabled facility outside of the US in the capital, it seems like the city is at the centre of the excitement surrounding mobile’s future.

Such developments also mean it is a good time to reflect on how far mobile technology has come in recent years. Far from simply being devices to make calls on, smartphones can now do a huge amount, and have made particularly significant strides when it comes to gaming.

An area on the rise

For people of a certain age, the quintessential mobile gaming experience was playing Snake on a Nokia handset. However, it is fair to say that that has all changed in the last couple of decades. Mobile gaming has grown from being a poor relative to PC and console, to arguably overtaking them both in recent years.

According to figures from App Annie, mobile games saw 25 percent more profit compared to all other gaming sectors combined in 2019, while spending on such apps is expected to surpass $100 billion this year. A number of different styles of games are on offer too, with big names once associated with consoles like Mario and Call of Duty making the leap into the mobile world.

But while mobile gaming is clearly on the up, what are the best smartphone options out there for Londoners who want to enjoy a top-quality experience?

Names to look out for

There are many to choose from, but one key name to look out for is the One Plus 7 Pro. The handset is highly rated by a host of leading experts, with TechRadar, for instance, praising its display which offers an impressive 90Hz refresh rate. According to the site, this ensures it offers a fluid, smooth gaming experience and this would of course be ideal for any number of games, from action-packed titles to the graphic-heavy titles often featured on online casino sites, for example.

Web-based versions of classic casino games are very dependent on high-quality graphics and illustrations to create an immersive atmosphere. More specifically, with roulette, some variations of the game can be quite modest in their design, whereas variants like Lightning Roulette are so-called ‘live casino’ games, meaning that the action takes place via a video stream, which requires a streamline and reactive online software and processors.

iPhones have always been a popular part of the smartphone world, with figures from estimating that more than seven million of the devices were sold in the UK last year. While the iPhone 11 is not necessarily regarded as a gaming phone, Mashable India described it as one of the best out there thanks to its technical specifications, and the fact that users can sign up to Apple Arcade; a subscription service which provides access to a range of exclusive titles.