The Culture of Tuition and Cram Schools


Cram schools, also commonly known as tutoring centers, are the crowd-pleasing learning places among parents, especially in Korea and Japan. According to most, cram schools help students improve their knowledge, leading to better exam results. This is the primary reason why many parents send their children to cram schools.

Side Effects of Cram Schools

While there are some positive effects of after-school courses and cram schools, their side effects are relatively severe. Since cram schools are considered highly effective to help students improve for alchemy tutoring online, they have certain substitution effect on some children. Students that are sent to cram schools are likely to be lazy in their regular school classes. This is because the power of cram schools is well known, especially among Koreans and Japanese. As a result, some students are not willing to pay attention on their regular school classes. The parents believe that their children can obtain the required knowledge fully as long as they pay more attention at cram school. So, this works as an irrational excuse for not concentrating on the lessons. The purpose of learning is distorted due to the indolent attitude of students caused by over relying on cram school.

Apart from this, cram schools are not cheap. They cost parents an extravagant amount of spending on monthly basis. The amount of tutorial fee is often so high that most families might not be able to afford it. As the exams get closer, cram schools increase the frequency of lessons, including various intensive courses. Most of these courses are the business strategy for capturing more money from parents.

Are Children Deprived of Childhood Due to a Lot of Focus on Academic Results?

Unfortunately, yes. Children face a lot of stress from their regular school-related work. Tuition and cram schools just add more stress to it. But parents often ignore this and press their children to study hard seven days a week. As a result, the fatigue is intensified. Children spend hours in school and then having to attend classes at cram schools exhausts their energy, causing them to lose concentration. Childhood in Singapore is greatly affected as a result of increased focus on academic results.

Children’s brains are like sponges that need to first absorb what they have been given at school, before trying to get in more at a cram school. Their brains can only handle a little at one time and when parents try to get too much in their children’s brains, most of it just bounces off uselessly and lost.

Final Word

In conclusion, the side effects on children in the culture of tuition and cram schools are quite controversial. Besides Japan and Korea, the trend of cram schools and tuition centers is on the rise in Singapore as well. The problem is that most of the tuition centers use traditional ways of teaching. When the learning process is boring, students begin to lose interest and concentration in the topic. So, there is a need for tuition centers that focus more on the advanced, fun ways of teaching. If the tuition is enjoyable, it becomes an event to look forward to. This is evident in top IB and A levels economics tuition in Singapore.