The Dubai Agent – Meet Siavash Aghaiepour


Whenever you get into Dubai nightlife with its numerous high end locations and first class live performers you may not know but can be sure that somehow Siavash Aghaiepour and his company Heavy Rotation Booking was involved in making this a remarkable nightlife experience.

Aghaiepour is one of the key people when it comes to international artist bookings in Dubai and the Middle East. Whenever artists like 50 Cent, French Montana, Rick Ross, Pitbull, Trey Songz or Lil Wayne shine on stage at clubs like Base or the Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi, Aghaiepour and his team is pulling the strings backstage to make it an amazing experience for the Artists, Promoter and Fans.

Keeping the Artist happy and entertained is one of the main tasks for Aghaiepour while they stay in Dubai. This is why he created a strong local network to give the Artists what he calls the “Dubai

Lifestyle Experience”. This includes getting around in luxury cars, go for ATV Tours in the Deseret, visit Dubai´s Fame Park to see exotic Animals, visit amusement parks or to go for a luxury shopping trip.

Many Artists even extend their stay for leisure or professional causes, like Tekashi 6ix9ine when he shot his music video “Stoopid” in Dubai.

With Artists posting about their great time in Dubai on Social Media, Aghaiepour and his team are contributing to a great look for Dubai as a first-class travel destination to an international audience.

While today Dubai nightlife is at an exceptional international standard, things where different when Aghaiepour first brought acts like Fatman Scoop, Fabolous or Fat Joe to the market in the mid-2000s where only very few nightclubs opened in Hotel Ballrooms as pop up locations.

Heavy Rotation also brings its experience to new emerging markets in the region. “Jeddah World Fest” marking one of 2019s highlights as the first international multi artist music festival of all time in Saudi Arabia hosting a world-class line up with Janet Jackson, 50 Cent, Chris Brown, Future, Tyga and Steve Aoki.

In late 2019 Aghaiepour announced a strategic partnership with one of the largest diversified talent agencies in the industry, APA. APA holds offices in Los Angeles, New York and Nashville.

Heavy Rotation Booking was founded by Siavash Aghaiepour and his brother Roozbeh Aghaie Pour in Germany. Today the company is operating in the US, Middle East, Europe and Asia.

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