The Future Of London Rap – Sharpey Major


The future is bright, which means the future is Major!

So many local artists have taken London by storm over the years and nothing warms our hearts more than recognising another young talent on the up!

Essex based Sharpey Major who has been in the rap game since he was a teenager has really turned up the volume this last year, on last account he was not only part of a TV show to do with pole dancers but he threw a mouthwatering £40,000 on a brand new Mercedes.

The star who frequents London is about to release his latest single featuring Manchester’s Lady Ice ! After listening to the track we can without a doubt say that the future of London rap is with Sharpey Major.

With release dates still being kept tight lipped what we can tell you is that it’s a banger, the mixture of vocals from Lady Ice and the hard hitting bars Major drops in the verses just leaves you asking for more.

London Post contacted Major’s rep this afternoon who refused to confirm release dates for the upcoming single.

Stay tuned to Sharpey’s Twitter on @SHARPEYMAJOR for release details.