The future of online casino gaming


As you spin the reels of your favourite Slots, or decide to hit whilst deep into a game of online Blackjack, have you ever wondered what the future of online casino gaming might hold? With the introduction of new casino offers and the constant evolution of the internet’s capabilities, the future is looking bright for online casinos and avid players alike.


As forementioned, technology plays a large factor in the progression of online casino gaming. With the internet spearheading the evolution of the online casino, there’s a whole host of potential developments that we could see appearing in the near future.

  • Live online casino is already a favourite feature amongst many players, as it helps to bring the brick-and-mortar casino experience directly into your home. In the future, we foresee these live casino experiences getting even more interactive – perhaps with the addition of video calling services in which players will be able to communicate directly with their croupier and other players.
  • Another predicted feature that we see on the horizon is the ability to link games directly to your social media accounts – so you can share the news of your wins with ease.
  • A great addition to the gaming experience would be if the players themselves got the chance to be the dealer. To facilitate this, a virtual system would need to be developed which would allow players to shuffle and make real-time decisions – perhaps using a Virtual Reality (VR) gaming system?
  • Speaking of VR gaming, we predict that this will be a big step forward for the online casino community. Playing a VR game will allow you to experience live casino action from the comfort of your own home, whilst feeling like you’re really there, more so than ever.
  • Whilst video Slots are already exciting enough, we predict that added layers will be added to these games in the future, with more story-centric missions and levels to unlock, as well as even more bonus features. In short, video Slots are set to be bigger and better than ever, moving forward.

Live Casino

Live casino gaming already offers a wide variety of different games for you to choose from, including Blackjack, Roulette and the occasional slot.  But, in the future, we predict that there will be even more games on offer, especially live Slots! There will most likely be more live online scratch cards and Bingo popping up too.

Payment Options

If you’re familiar with the goings-on in the world of finance, then you’ll know that there’s a new digital currency rising through the ranks. Cryptocurrency is set to sweep the nation in the near future, so it will come as no surprise if online casino sites also embrace this new payment method. In the coming year, online casinos are predicted to begin to accept the digital currency, as the process becomes easier and more understood by the casino and the players, as well as an increase in demand.


Something we can pretty much guarantee is that more online casino sites will begin to pop up on the internet. With almost everything making its way online – like shopping, making doctor’s appointments and streaming your favourite shows – we’re sure that web developers will be eager to jump on the band wagon with new casino sites.