What can you expect from online casinos in 2021?


Casino games have advanced so much over the years, that they now include the ever-increasing popular, virtual world of online casinos. With developing technology and players’ changing habits, what trends can we expect to see for your favourite online casino as the year goes on? Read on to find out what we think will be happening for online casinos going forward in 2021.

Gaming on mobile devices

It’s no surprise that mobile gaming is a popular way to access online casinos, as casino apps have been around for as many years as the smartphone. But 2021 may well see more and more players turn to their smaller device for some casino fun. The UK Gambling Commission reported that at least 50% of casino gaming was done on a mobile phone in 2019, rising from the year before. And with the ease and simplicity of playing on your phone, it’s clear to see why this will continue to increase over the years. With a mobile device, players are enticed to click on their casino of choice, wherever and whenever they please – all within quick and easy reach of their fingertips.

New casino technology

With new technology always being developed for online casino games, players can expect to see much more additional and advanced features this year. Live casino could be enhanced with better streaming options, and new varieties of games going live – further bridging the gap between online and land-based casinos. Video Slots may have added layers of game missions and new levels to unlock, or multiply ways of winning, all increasing the excitement of the game. There is even the possibility of virtual reality (VR) making its way into the world of online casino, given that VR technology is expected to boom in 2021. Again, the VR immersive experience will give players the best of both worlds, enhancing the atmosphere of an online casino to likes of a physical one, without the need to leave your house.

Cryptocurrency payments

More and more online places are now accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment, so it’s thought it won’t be long till the online casinos join in too. It’s expected that 2021 will see an increased number of online casinos accepting the digital currency, as the workings behind it get easier and more secure, and with more of a demand for players wanting to use it.

Even more casino sites to choose from

The variety of sites to choose from is expected to grow even more in 2021, as there’s predicted to be a spike of new online casinos set up, and especially as more players are turning to the virtual doors of casino sites. It has become easier for companies to establish an online casino site, so new businesses could be excited to take on the casino venture, or current businesses could want to increase their profits, by expanding into the casino industry. For the players, always go for a site that you know is a trustworthy online casino, as well as something that suits your taste, and includes all the extras and bonuses that you like.