The Globe Girls show off their exotic and twisted sides to celebrate and bring to life Diet Coke’s latest flavours


To celebrate the addition of Exotic Mango and Twisted Strawberry to its flavour range, Diet Coke has partnered with the infamous Globe Girls to release a series of stunning images, bringing the new flavours to life in the form of striking, creative transformations.

Known for their vibrant looks and high-paced dance performances, the standout images see The Globe Girls use creative and skilled make-up and fashion to transform into Ms. Exotic Mango and Ms. Twisted Strawberry to show off their edgy, striking alter ego personas.

Speaking about their creative transformations, Neil Armishaw, The Globe Girls’ creative director comments, “Diet Coke is iconic, and it’s a drink I have loved for years, so it’s been amazing to use our design and make-up skills as a group to bring the Diet Coke flavours to life and show off a different exotic and twisted persona!”

Tuuli Turunen, Marketing Manager at Diet Coke, said: “It’s a really exciting year for Diet Coke as we continue to celebrate the expansion of our flavours. Diet Coke has always had an iconic style and it’s been great to work with the amazing Globe Girls to use their skills to help bring the flavours to life in an incredibly creative and stunning way.” 

Available in stores nationwide, the flavours have been developed to appeal to those with a more adventurous taste. To find the perfect flavours, Coca-Cola’s research and development team tested more than 30 potential flavours with more than 10,000 people before selecting favourites.