The Importance of Servicing and Maintenance


Whenever there is an installment of an industrial door, regular services and maintenance should follow each year. Doors that go without regular service and maintenance checks from a professional engineer will be more likely to malfunction and breakdown completely. Leaving companies picking up the expensive repair or replacement bills. Not only is a malfunctioning industrial door a cost to the company but can also pose a risk to staff and visitors. There are many companies, like Hormann, who will offer services as part of a service contract when selling you an industrial door. 

Why an industrial door service is important 

Following the guidance from the Health and Safety at Work act, an employer has a responsibility and duty of care to employees. This includes ensuring all equipment on site or provided to for use by employees is in safe working order. This includes industrial doors which require daily operation. The requirements of this act state that an industrial door, including electrically operate doors, fire doors, security doors and loading bay solutions must be inspected by a trained engineer at least once per year. 

What happens during a service and why?

During the service of your industrial doors, a qualified engineered will carry out the standard inspections ensuring health and safety guidelines are followed. As well as this they may also keep a record of your door services in order to guarantee an annual service has been completed and nothing has been missed. If there are any issues which require repair the engineer will notify you of this and will recommend the next steps. 

The risks if a door is not serviced and maintained 

Often engineers will visit sites which have not had a service on their industrial doors for years, leaving staff and visitors at risk of injury. Finding these doors in a state of dis-repair, requiring a full replacement. By attempting to operate a door which is malfunctioning can pose a huge risk to the safety of those on site, and often signs of malfunction may not be obvious to the un-trained eye, which is why an annual visit from an engineer will help to spot early signs of damage and prevent further risk of damage.

Benefits of a regular industrial door service 

As well as keeping your industrial doors working as they should be, there are a number of other benefits to having a regular industrial door service. These include: 

Increasing the life span of your industrial doors 

A regular maintenance and service will help to extend the life span of any industrial door, avoiding the need for regular replacement. In the long-term saving you outage time and money on replacements.  

In-Keeping with the Law 

As previously mentioned, it is a legal obligation for all equipment used by your staff must be in working order. A guaranteed way to ensure this is by arranging annual services. 

Keep Your Premises Secure

As many industrial doors are installed across a company premises for the benefit of additional security, having these doors in working order will keep your site secure. Broken and malfunctioning industrial doors could easily be exploited a trespasser or intruder, hoping to enter your site without permission.