The LEGO Group have joined forces with mum and pop royalty Alesha Dixon to celebrate children’s creativity and problem-solving skills and how children can use the power of play to rebuild the world around them.

Alesha and the LEGO Group asked children how they would use LEGO® bricks to solve a problem facing their friends or family and received tonnes of fantastic ideas including a book stand to help grandad hold his reading book, and a night light to help kids see in the dark.

The team were particularly impressed with 8-year-old Amelie’s creative idea, who used LEGO bricks to show how she would revamp her Grandmother’s mobility scooter to make it more fun for her to use and help her enjoy the things she loves. Inspired by her Grandmother’s passion for cooking and animals, Amelie’s LEGO design contained exciting features like a cat grooming stand and cake serving mechanism, as well as music and photos of family and friends.

Amelie’s design was brought to life by a team of inventors and presented to her by Alesha, as seen in new ‘Inspiring LEGO Inventions’ video content. This activity forms part of the LEGO Group’s ‘Rebuild the World’ campaign, which celebrates the creativity of children, inspires them to imagine a better world and shows how LEGO play helps them develop the skills they need to be successful in it.

Alesha Dixon said: “We worked with an amazing team of inventors to look closely at Amelie’s LEGO build and think about how we could best bring it to life. Amelie’s LEGO creation was full of little personal touches and details, so it was important that we kept those elements and brought them through to the final design. I was so impressed by Amelie’s creativity, and it was great to see her invention brought to life.”

LEGO Play has long been the ultimate platform for creative problem solving, providing the tools for children to build anything they can imagine, trial it, work out how to improve it and rebuild it. The process helps children develop life-long skills such as creative problem-solving, communication and resilience that many parents see as being key to helping their child be successful in the future.