The Luckiest Names For Hitting The Lottery! Choice, Chance, or Destiny?


When you are the largest casino of its kind in the industry. You hear a lot of talk about luck. You hear of lucky numbers, lucky signs, lucky charms, and lucky names. Some of these symbols of luck have survived the generations. Perhaps because some of these customs are based on the principles of the science of numerology,

As the year comes to a close, Lottoland looks back at the winners of the lotteries that have played through their offshore casino. Because Lottoland has access to lotteries around the world, its information is more complete than other casinos.

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When the data was complete for 2018, Lottoland determined which names were the luckiest. For women they chose Anna. Anna was the name of 54.10% of the winners. The male name was Nigel. Nigel was the luckiest name for men 36.01% of the time. Shane was next in line.

Lucky 2019
There are only a few more days left in this year. The hours are winding down. There are winners of lotteries that have not claimed their money yet. We have not welcomed in the New Year with fireworks and champagne yet. It is still too soon for industry leaders like Lottoland to run their data and closeout for the year.

While it is too soon to get those lucky names for 2019, we can look to other sources for some entertaining “guesses” for next year. The list we are providing is based on numerology and partial information provided to us. This will give you a combination of lucky names for winners from 2019 and/or 2020.

According to Parenting Firstcry Magazine, Names are more than a calling card. When your very name means lucky, you tend to believe you have the lucky touch. When your name means wealth and success, you accept it. So you should. This is the influence in the names selected which means luck.

Boys names and their meanings

Bhagesh – Lord of Richness
Riddhiman – Wealthy, and a person of good fortune
Yogan – a person who is lucky
Seven – This means 7. The luck of the number 7.
This name is for male or female and will grow in popularity

Girls names and their meanings

Kiranyasri – Money and Lucky
Swetali – The one who is lucky
Bhagyashri – Goddess of Fortune
Seven – This means 7. The luck of the number 7.
This name is for male or female and will grow in popularity
Dalia – Goddess of fate, Strong JuJu, Amassing material wealth

Much study has gone into astrology, numerology, and the effects these have on our lives. Modern science cannot dismiss these practices even if they cannot peg them into our definition of science.

Numerology dates back thousands of years. The practices we follow today were practiced by the ancient Philosopher and Mathematician Pythagoras.

With a bit of effort, you can consult the stars and the numbers to determine your lucky days to play. Give it a try. You may be the next Lottery winner.