The most common causes of road accidents in the UK


Road accidents are something that unfortunately occur every day with over 115,000 casualties across the UK in 2020. These accidents however aren’t always completely innocent and there is very often blame with every incident.

With this, it is important to understand what the most common causes of road accidents are so you know how to keep yourself and other people safe when you’re out on the roads.

Driver error/Poor decision making

This is the most common cause of road accidents and it ultimately comes down to erratic behaviour. There are many types of driver error but basic examples include failure to look properly, losing control of the vehicle or misjudging another driver’s speed.

Drink driving

An unforgivable offence but one that happens, nonetheless. This nonsensical act sees approximately 85,000 people convicted every year in England and Wales and unfortunately, claims the lives of 666 people in Great Britain each year.

The number of accidents and deaths involving drink driving is significantly lower to that of the 1970s but there is still much to be done to ensure it is eradicated from society.


There are some distractions that we cannot control such as fog or heavy rain and that can cause a visual distraction when we are driving which will lead to accidents. However, there are a lot of distractions that are created by the driver themselves and can be extremely costly should they lead to a crash.

These factors include using a mobile phone whilst driving – which over 1 million drivers have admitted to doing,  passenger distractions, eating and drinking. If anyone needs to do these whilst on the road then they should consider pulling over before getting back out on the road.

Pedestrian error

It is not always the driver’s fault and sometimes the pedestrian can be the one to cause an accident. Pedestrians are without a doubt the most at risk on the roads and they may just step out in front of your car without looking.

It is important that as a driver, you take care to look for pedestrian hazards all the time to ensure that they are not hit through their own mistake.

As mentioned previously, accidents are always likely to occur but if it’s not your fault then there may be a claim to be made to pay for damages. Seek personal injury lawyers and find out if you have a claim next time you’re involved in a road accident.