The Power Of Branding Wraps


When it comes to running your own business, there’s nothing easy about it, especially when it comes to branding. Branding can be incredibly costly, time consuming and quite frankly, tough. Getting the right products and services out there to represent your brand in the right way however isn’t as difficult as you think. Today we’re looking at one of the most powerful yet cost-effective methods out there and it all comes in the form of branding wraps. 

Building Wraps

Branding wraps come in all shapes and sizes, but at 4site Implementation, they specialise in what’s known as building wraps. Building wraps, just like hoardings, provide an ideal and cost effective solution for brand awareness on building sites. Usually covering scaffolding on a construction site, building wraps have the ability to push your brand and your message to huge audiences. Think of the thousands upon thousands of cars that drive by construction sites on a daily basis. Think of the foot traffic that passes by; all of which take your branding wraps in and digest what it has to say. The size of the audience they see can be phenomenal. Yet another great advantage of building wraps is that they’re more often than not placed on tall buildings. This makes them more likely to be situated in metropolitan areas and therefore seen by a much higher amount of people.

When done right, building wraps won’t just get your message out to a bigger audience, they’ll encourage more customer response and generally speaking, increase brand awareness overall as your branded signage becomes more and more recognisable. At 4site Implementation, a specialist in building wraps and other visual marketing solutions, they work with you to not only get to know the company and what you’re looking to achieve, but also what your message is. Their incredible designers work with you to create an aesthetic that looks not only on brand, but helps validate your message to potential and current customers. If you’d like more information on building wraps and how you can utilise the power of this incredible branding method, contact 4site Implementation today on 01268 540 081.

Custom Vinyl Wraps

Branding wraps aren’t limited to construction sites however. At Chargespot UK, a company that provides mobile phone charging stations for retail outlets, festivals, airports, exhibitions and more, they know only too well the power of branding wraps. That’s all thanks to their custom vinyl wraps that come with every mobile phone charging locker and station in their range. 

With a mobile phone charging station at your event, you could benefit from much higher foot traffic. With higher foot traffic however comes the opportunity to make more sales, collect more data and of course, boost your brand even further. Whether the customer uses a phone charging station where they remain close to the phone at all times, or a charging locker which they simply drop off, plug in and lock up before leaving, they all offer the same opportunity; for your branding to be seen by all. Each phone charging station comes with custom vinyl wraps that can be designed to push your brand and desired message. That means that even those not using the phone charging point will see the advertisements with ease.

No matter where you place the phone charging station, no matter which phone charging station you choose to lease, you can enjoy custom vinyl wraps that push your brand out further. It’s cost-effective yet incredibly powerful and not an opportunity to be missed. If you’d like to find out more about how their custom vinyl wraps could benefit your business, simply contact Chargespot UK, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of mobile phone charging lockers on 07594 761000.