The UK’s most loved actresses, comedians, musicians and sports personalities come together with the NHS/ Intensive Care campaign.


In an effort to raise £1 million for the frontline workers in Intensive Care Units
around the UK, the cream of UK female stars have come together to spoof the
American Boss Bitch Fight YouTube sensation, directed by Zoe Bell and
featuring the likes Cameron Diaz, Scarlett Johannson, and Drew Barrymore.

In “Keep Fighting”, the British version harnesses comedy in the way the Brits
do best. Whilst the American version is high impact stunts, the British is tongue
in cheek, funny and slapstick. Proceeds raised will go to the Intensive Care
Society, a charity dedicated to supporting staff who work in Intensive Care.

Olivia Colman CBE, Sienna Miller, Emma Thomson DBE, Mandeep Dhillion,
Gemma Arterton, Weruche Opia are just some of the names who have lent
their hand to convey a very powerful message: “Keep Fighting” for the
NHS/ICU frontline staff.

Maxine Peake will lead the campaign. Maxine said: ‘It was great to be asked to
be involved in such an important cause.’

Keep Fighting was written and directed by musician and actor Collette Cooper
and was shot entirely on smartphones. It is a Thelonious Punk Production
produced by Mike Hanson and Collette Cooper and co-produced by Pip Gill of
Pip Gill Management. Associate Producer and co-chairman of Independent
Talent Group, Duncan Heath, is also heavily involved with the ICS.

Others involved in the project are acclaimed film editor Charlie Lort-Phillips
(BIFA); multi-Bafta winner, six-time Emmy nominee Nigel Heath and Jamie
Allen from Hackenbacker Studios, mixing the sound. Grading and colourist
Marie Fernandes from Molinare.

The social media coordinator is Harvey McCabe, who has vast experience in
leading BBC Radio 2’s social media (including Radio 2 in Hyde Park,
Glastonbury, Children in Need and Comic Relief).

Collette Cooper, Executive Producer, Writer and Director said: “Watching Covid
unfold, I just wanted to do my bit for the NHS in whichever way I could, so
raising money for the ICS is perfect. I was inspired by Zoe Bell’s American Boss
Bitch Fight and I knew a British spoof version would be really funny and a good
laugh and could help to raise some serious money for the ICS.”

Mike Hanson, Executive Producer, said: “It’s been a terrible year for everyone,
so it was really heartening to see so many talented people – from the actors to
the production pros to the charity and everyone else involved – come together
and make this campaign a success. It was so generous to give us their time
particularly in these uncertain circumstances.”

Pip Gill, Co-Producer said: “Every day I was hearing horror stories about what it
was like to work in a hospital when the crisis first struck. We wanted to do
something to help but wasn’t sure how or where specifically. But when we met
Dr Mather and the team at ICS through Duncan and found out what incredible
work they do, I knew they were who we should be helping.”

The Intensive Care Society is a charity providing support for intensive care
workers including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists and critical
care practitioners. It focuses on educating and supporting the staff who look
after patients, so they are able to be sustained and educated to carry on
treating them. This is particularly important this year as COVID19 has caused
immense pressure on ICU workers.

ICS Chief Executive Officer Dr Sandy Mather said: “Thank you – everyone will
be so grateful, and with patients, it will make such a difference.”

Please take a minute to watch a short video highlighting the strain those
working in Intensive Care are currently under:

Keep Fighting will premier Wednesday 11th November on with viewers paying as little as £5
to gain access to the campaign.

Branded face masks, designed by Gresham Blake, are also available to buy to
help raise more funds for the ICS.