The Ultimate Business Holiday Package


Are you looking for help when it comes to creating the ultimate business holiday package? Then keep on reading as we have the ultimate guide for you below.

Chartered Business Flights With Flightworx

When it comes to business trips, there’s an ever-increasing demand for fast and efficient solutions. For example, when several meetings are taking place at multiple locations, transport to and from needs to be fast, flexible and reliable. The only way to manage this, when multiple locations across countries or in the very least states are required, is through the use of chartered flights. 

Chartered business flights offer incredible advantages compared to regular scheduled flights. For instance, when you’re searching for flexibility, there really is no better solution. Instead of being dependent on the schedule of an airline, which can cancel flights at a moments notice, you simply adhere to your own schedule, or rather the flight you charter adheres to yours. Efficiency is another incredible benefit. Flying can become a time consuming process, from long waiting lines to simply check in as well as baggage pick up when you finally reach your destination. With a chartered jet however, not only do you avoid the crowds when checking in, but you avoid the need to wait amongst other travellers when picking up your bags. It couldn’t be a more efficient service. 

Last but not least, there’s the added comfort. With a private jet, you travel alone and in the comfort of your own jet. Chartered private jets are often equipped with beds too to make night flights just as comfortable as being at home. From increased safety to lowered hassle and stress, chartered business flights are without a doubt the way forward and Flightworx are the company to take care of all chartered flight solutions for you. Experienced, knowledgable and without a doubt the most reliable company out there, Flightworx are the company you can count on for all your private flight needs. If you’d like more information on chartering business flights for you or your colleagues, simply contact Flightworx today on +441279668005. 

Luxury Ski Chalets & Seminar Rooms

Now you have the flights covered, it’s time to look at accommodation; accommodation that not only provides a place for your staff and/or clients to rest their heads but also space to carry out their intended business. 

It’s now widely accepted that rewarding your clients and employees with holidays and business trips abroad doesn’t just help boost your profitability but it can also help increase brand awareness hugely. It also associates your brand and company with generosity and a feel of care and consideration towards clients and customers. 

By hiring luxury ski chalets such as those at Les Rives D’Argentiére, you not only get to enjoy the facilities and creature comforts that come with such five star accommodation, but you also get to enjoy the luxuries, the privacy and the sheer beauty of the surrounding views of Mont-Blanc. 

Benefits like this for your team can be huge, from team building to limiting distractions and even increasing productivity while encouraging more team involvement. 

At Les Rives, 5* luxury ski chalets in Chamonix, Mont-Blanc, you can enjoy the wonderful activities, as well as the stunning accommodation. On top of this, you can also enjoy access to seminar rooms to ensure business is carried out as usual. With access to 24 hour concierge services as well as driving services and even private chefs, there’s never been a better place to entertain clients and carry out your business. For more information on Les Rives, and help completing your ultimate business holiday package, simply contact them today on +33 (0)6 85 49 69 82.