The Ultimate Kitchen Fitter’s Package


When it comes to creating your dream kitchen, we understand that many want to opt for just one company who’ll do it all. While that’s always a convenient way of doing things, does it get you the best result? Ever heard of the term, ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’?

While we’re not saying a specialist company isn’t capable of providing you with everything to ensure you have the perfect kitchen, we are saying creating the perfect ‘kitchen fitters’ package could mean the difference between a great kitchen and kitchen that has that…X factor. Here’s our guide to the ultimate kitchen fitter’s package with some of the best companies around.

The Designers

No good kitchen comes from poor design which is why you need the experts when it comes to kitchen designers. Believe us when we say there is no one more experienced within that area than the incredible team at Matter Designs. Not only do they know good design but they know what makes good design and that’s actually spending time with the client.

All too often, kitchen design takes place in the middle of a chain store in the high street with measurements that have been taken in haste. Not only does this not allow for a true representation of your kitchen, but it doesn’t allow those with a great eye for design to actually get to know your space. By having designers in your home, they actually get to feel the space, see what already works and what could work. Have a small recess that equates to useless space? A true designer will make use of this and more to ensure that no space is wasted and the kitchen flows as it should.

Kitchen designers like Matter Designs, will also design your kitchen according to your needs too. Whether you’re looking for a traditional kitchen that gives you the ultimate space to bake or a minimalist kitchen with smart storage to provide the ultimate entertainers space; they can create it. Contact Matter Designs today on 01268 833836 and watch your dream kitchen come to life through some of the best design minds out there.

The Fitters

So you have your dream kitchen designed but without quality fitters, you have nothing. You could have the most beautiful, highly functioning kitchen across the globe but without the skill and experience needed to fit it properly, it simply will never be. Thankfully, skilled fitters with the knowledge needed to bring your kitchen to life are out there. One company in particular is the incredible lot at Total Tops. Total Tops focus their efforts on kitchen worktops, bringing your work surfaces to a new level. Having such a focused role, Total Tops know the importance of getting it just right.

All too often they’ve seen the results of people cutting corners, trying to save money on the actual fitting, only for it to cost them a whole lot more in the long run.

At Total Tops, you can trust them to ensure the final fit of your kitchen worktop is nothing short of perfection. What’s more, you’ll also enjoy a first class experience during the fitting and installation too.

Whether you’re looking for a straightforward kitchen worktop or a specific cut and finish, these guys will make it happen and they’ll do so with minimal fuss and interruption to you. Like many of the companies we discuss today, they’ve spent time acquiring a team of particular individuals that possess not only the skills required but the right attitude toward their work, ensuring a high level of service each time, every time. If you’d like more information on Total Tops kitchen worktop fitting service, contact them today on 01787 844 663.

The Suppliers

Now you have the perfect kitchen designers and an amazing team of fitters waiting in the wings to make it happen. Now all you need are the materials. Getting the materials right are paramount and no one knows this more than The Only Way Is Granite.

At The Only Way Is Granite, they have been working tirelessly for over 15 years to not only perfect the art of kitchen and bathroom worktops but also to acquire an incredible network of sources from all over the world. In the last 15 years, not only have they become one of the UK’s leading suppliers of kitchen and bathroom worktops but they’ve become specialists in supplying the best quality granite and quartz in particular. They know what makes great stone and as such, rather proudly source their stone from quarries across the globe. This allows them to not only get the best price for their clients but also supply them with the best cut of stone too.

Having a quality worktop, whether it’s natural stone like granite or man-made stone like quartz, will ensure your kitchen doesn’t just look great but feels great too. By working with The Only Way Is Granite, you not only gain access to their incredible team, but you gain access to their incredible team of suppliers too. If you’d like more information on working with these suppliers of kitchen and bathroom worktops, do not hesitate to get in contact today. They haven’t become one of the UK’s leading suppliers for nothing. Call today on 01277 800 023.

The Removals

Removing your old kitchen in order to fit the new one is an obvious plan but what doesn’t always spring to mind for most, is the removal of said ‘old kitchen’. Some simply believe it’s down to the new-kitchen fitters to do but this isn’t the case. Thankfully there is a rather easy and affordable method of removing the old kitchen and having it taken away with minimal effort for you. Skip Hire by Mackers.

With Mackers Skip Hire, you can hire a variety of different sized skips, depending on the size of the job and have it left on site ready for you to simply dispose of the old kitchen cupboards as you rip them out. Not only does this remove all unwanted materials and waste from what will obviously become the workspace for the fitters of your new kitchen but will also help keep the site clean and tidy for you and your family. Every ounce of waste placed into a Mackers skip is also sorted through and recycled where and when possible. That means far less pressure on our landfills and you can enjoy a brand new kitchen, without all of those time consuming runs back and forth to the local dump.

As mentioned above, Mackers skips come in a variety of different sizes which means you can pay for the ideal size for you, no more, no less. What’s more, they’ll collect it and remove your waste when you want it done and even provide a wait and load service for those who don’t want to house a skip for a prolonged period of time. Call Mackers today on 01268 418533.

The Builders Clean

Once the new kitchen has been installed to perfection, you’ll have some deep cleaning to attend to. After work like this however, professional cleaners are without a doubt the best answer as not even Mrs Hinch could cope with the needs of an after-build clean. Luckily for you, professional cleaners that deal with after-build cleaning, or disaster cleaning as it’s sometimes known, are just a phone call away.

The incredible bunch at MyHome have an amazing team of professional cleaners all ready to arrive where and when you need them. Not only will their security checked, fully trained cleaners arrive at your request, but they’ll bring with them the very best equipment out there to ensure the most thorough clean.

Providing after-build cleans is a particularly special service. It’s one that MyHome are well equipped for with the products and appliances necessary to rid your kitchen, and the rest of your home, of the inevitable dust that can hang around for what feels like months if you don’t tackle it properly.

While a new kitchen may not seem like such a huge job compared to some, it will inevitably leave a large amount of dust and debris in your home that regular cleaning simply won’t touch. Instead of spending money hiring the equipment, as well as spending a great deal of your time doing it too, simply contact MyHome today. Their fully trained staff will have your home looking cleaner than it did before the renovation work began! Call 020 8802 4040 now to find out more.

The Stylers

Last but most certainly not least, we have the stylers. Once your kitchen has been designed and fitted, the waste removed and the builder’s clean carried out, it’s time to move on to those finishing touches. What better way to give your kitchen that real wow factor than with the most on trend window dressings out there?

Window shutters have been around for years but it seems only recently that people are starting to see the benefit of such a window dressing. Quality window shutters, made to measure are the perfect addition to any room, kitchens especially as they allow homeowners to maximise the light in any room while still enjoying some much needed privacy. Whether you choose cafe style shutters, tier-on-tier shutters or even solid shutters, you’ll enjoy bespoke window dressings that look great inside your home and outside. You’ll also benefit from another layer of insulation as well as noise reduction from outside. The benefits of window shutters are so great in fact that homeowners have even seen an increase in value thanks to the addition of them.

Ensuring you enjoy quality window shutters however, is paramount as you want not only the best constructed window shutter possible but also one that fits your window opening perfectly. At Diamond Shutters, one of the UK’s leading window shutter suppliers, you can enjoy bespoke window shutters, made to your exact requirements and what’s more, you can enjoy them for some of the most affordable prices out there. If you’d like more information on their window shutter designs and how you can get your hands on them, simply contact them on 020 83022447 today.