set to open the ‘Houseplant Hideout’ in Shoreditch – a unique and immersive experience to banish the winter blues

0 today announces the opening of a ‘Houseplant Hideout’ in East London, designed to banish autumn blues for the 48% of Brits who say they are dreading winter more than ever this year.

With half (52%) citing spending time in nature as their favourite part of lockdown in the research by, the houseplant experts have set about bringing a rich, rejuvenating biophilic jungle to the heart of the concrete jungle just as the clocks go back.

The ‘Houseplant Hideout’ invites individuals to get lost – Alice in Wonderland style – in a lush green forest bathing immersion where every sense is stimulated by the magical power of houseplants. Upon stepping inside this tranquil oasis, visitors will be transported into an interactive biophilic wonderland complete with a six-metre vertical kaleidoscope to be fully engulfed in nature and give them a magical moment for the gram. has collaborated with award-winning designer and architect DaeWha Kang to create the hideout – a monolithic landmark bringing biophilic principles to life with a unique space for people to retreat, reflect and recharge – as part of their successful Thanks Plants campaign. A year of COVID-19 has upturned our lives with the safe space of our homes overtaken by work, and more than ever we need quietude, shelter, and moments of beauty and tranquillity.

Renowned botanist James Wong has carefully curated the houseplants inside, selecting varieties for their wellbeing and biophilic benefits to create a calming cocoon which gives city dwellers an antidote to stresses and seasonal changes and encourages them to immerse in nature, while offering inspiration to create their very own green oasis at home.

Open to the public for free from 4th November to 8th November 2020 located at The Green in BOXPARK Shoreditch. Consumers will be given the opportunity to book an individual session or with one companion from their bubble here. The hideout is also designed with passers-by and houseplant enthusiasts in mind who can still enjoy the installation by peeking through the numerous portals, discover magical houseplant scenes and capture inspiration and photography of this shrine to the wonder of houseplants.