Getting the livescore for today


Football lovers like much more than simply watching the goals of their favorite teams. Another aspect that they are certainly happy to receive is a full set of livescore for today. Sometimes it is not possible to watch a given match for a multitude of reasons. These are the moments when learning about the scores and other types of statistics becomes essential. Here is where 777score enters the field.

For people who may not know, 777score is a website that has quickly risen to become one of the favorite places to check at any moment the results, standings, and other types of data from one of the largest collections of football matches and tournaments, which encompasses virtually all countries in the world, which means that fans of this beautiful sport from all corners of earth, who of course also want to learn about the livescore for today, will feel more than welcome at this place.

The platform is very simple to use, and it is totally compatible with desktop computers and mobile devices. Visitors will notice that in only a few clicks they will get access to the most detailed set of statistics of any sporting event that they would like to check.

Are the EPL results available here too?

Of course. The English Premier League is one of the most famous and followed tournaments in all the world. It can offer some of the most interesting football matches among all major championships, and has billions of followers around the world, who of course want to know the EPL results as soon as they have been settled in the football field. Other features that they can encounter at 777score include:

  • Highly detailed statistics, for each team and even for each player
  • Analyses made by experts, who provide their unique insight that allow people to get a clearer picture about how a particular team is performing, and what could be expected from it
  • Past and future fixtures. Never miss again the live scores of any team.

As can be seen here, 777score has much more than just the EPL results. It can offer all the aforementioned features not only for the Premier League, but also for virtually any other tournament that can be imagined. As soon as a goal is scored, or a match finishes, expect to be notified by 777score and its exclusive notification services, which can alert people via push notifications, emails or SMS about any important occurrence that has taken place in a football match. All sports events covered by the platform are compatible with this exciting function.