A Third of London Couples Get Annoyed By Their Partner’s Snoring


The city of London was asked to spill the beans on what they find most annoying about their partners, and the results are surprising to say the least.

The new survey data, from jewellery retailer Diamond Heaven, shows which of our worst habits are rubbing our partners up the wrong way.

At the top of the list of pet peeves, 29% of London city agreed that snoring was the most annoying trait, closely followed by a quarter of people (26%) saying being ignored when they were speaking to their partner was the absolute worst.

It was our other halves household habits which also got the people of London hot under the collar, as 20% agreed that a partner not doing their fair share of the household was the most agitating, with a further 19% saying that leaving dirty clothes over the floor was up there in their lists of annoying traits.

Moving on to the bedroom, more than one in ten (13%) said that not having sex anymore had become irritating. Interestingly enough though, it was bathroom over bedroom traits that were deemed to be more annoying, as 17% were frustrated when the toilet seat was left up and 18% were annoyed when their partner left an empty toilet roll in the holder.

Another pet couple peeve for Londoners is when their partner complains too much, with 21% claiming they find it one of their partner’s most annoying traits.

However not all is doom and gloom as a loved up 12% of the city claim that their partner has no annoying traits at all. Move over Paris, London may well just be the new City of Love.