This week is the launch of Saturday Girls: The Evolution of Women in the Workforce exhibition


JOB TODAY, the UK’s leading mobile hiring app, is championing young females in the British workforce, by announcing the UK’s first photography exhibition that captures ‘Saturday Girls’ on the job across Britain. Acclaimed British photographer, Lewis Khan, was commissioned to travel the nation to capture women aged 16 to 29 years old, and showcase 10 girls working casual jobs in different industries, to show how this iconic role has evolved over the decades.

‘Saturday Girls’, a term coined to describe women using part-time, weekend work to enhance their lives, prospects and financial freedom, has evolved. Women are now using Saturday jobs to become more entrepreneurial and follow self-made ventures. The all new Saturday Girl has also become more tech savvy and juggles multiple jobs to enjoy more flexibility and independence.

JOB TODAY launched a search to find women who wanted to feature in the exhibition. 10 young women have been chosen as part of a collective that are an inspiration, using Saturday work to develop their skills and lead to career progression and entrepreneurial ventures.

From Glasgow down to Newcastle, Birmingham, London and beyond, the documentary style exhibition showcases Collette Conlin, an usher at the Theatre Royal in Newcastle who hopes to become a star performer herself, Suzie Hawkins, the green fingered Saturday Girl from Manchester that started as an intern and now works Saturdays to teach floristry to others, and Helen Adeyera, a weekend hairdresser that is studying Computer Science at Coventry University, just to name a few.