Through the Eyes and lenses of Renowned Photographer Gabriel Maia


Gabriel Maia and his Daughter have created a visual treat for the people before Pandemic and are waiting to do the same once things settle down.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, people are seeking ways to connect with one another, notwithstanding not being able to be commonly in person. Many are also attempting ways to give back to their societies.

A handful of photographers are unexpectedly doing both: ‘gallery portrait,’ in which they style and snap families in front of their houses while keeping a safe gap.

Gabriel Maia from Brazil, founder of Rosyimages is known for capturing stunning pics from quite a long time feeling different due to Pandemic. His way of capturing images is other, but Pandemic has forced him to click pics nearby his place and people. A photographer like Gabriel, who is better famous for some outdoor chich clicks of nature and her beautiful daughter is now clicking some real-life pictures in Pandemic, which is bringing communities together to work for the entire society.

Gabriel Maia and his Daughter we all know are famous personalities, and their page on Instagram Rosyimages has been a gallery of pure art which is loved by millions worldwide. Gabriel has kept some of the latest collection on Rosyimages which will force you to think twice whether it is real.

Gabriel, who started his Photography journey at 17 with his Olympus OM-2 and other top photographers might be saying they never show a tough time in life like they are seeing it today due to Pandemic. It’s like everything is on pause, and we are not able to find the play button of life.

Photographer Maia and Rosiane might be waiting for things to settle down, and we too are waiting for the same. We want to see Gabriel come out with his digital camera in hand, taking stunning pictures of his daughter and nature like he uses to do before Pandemic.