Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges


Everyone in this modern world wants to do business in cryptocurrency because cryptocurrency trading has become an international digital business. If you are fresh in this field and you want to trade in cryptocurrency for this you should get information about the cryptocurrency and how it work.if you want to invest in this field then you should know about cryptocurrency exchange it is big factor of this digital business. In this post I will explain the best cryptocurrency exchange.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges In 2021

1: Coinbase

Coinbase is an excellent platform for cryptocurrency Exchange. It is suitable for beginners. Experts of cryptocurrency admire this platform because it is good for the beginner and advanced level provides an amazing interface to the user. If you are looking for a cryptocurrency exchange then this platform is best for.

Negative thing about this platform is that users can not use it for free because it is’s free version is not available for the user.

Payment method of this platform is very easy and simple. insurance policy also available in coinbase exchanges system.


1: Very easy to use for the user.

2: Deposit and credit facility available.

3: Very popular with almost 30 million users of this system.

4: Insurance policy available.

5:Pro version available for the expert user.

6:User friendly interface.


1:Free version not available for the fresh user.

2:Performance can be slow of this system


If you are looking for an international base cryptocurrency exchange platform then bisq is the best. it is amazing for the cryptocurrency trading.It work in decentralization term it mean this platform work  over all  the world

There is no risk for trading because it provides excellent security for their user.Debit and credit facility are not available in this trading takes the fee for both sides like transaction taker and maker pay the fee. 

It is best for the active user because for active users it provides a different policy for transactions.


1: It provides high security for the user.

2: It works all over the world.

3: Several payment methods available for the user.

4: Free for the user.


1:It is limited to cryptocurrencies.

2 Not best for transaction fee.

3:Bad for the deposit and credit


FINANCE is an amazing cryptocurrency change company. Every type of cryptocurrency will be changed on this works all over the world. If i talk about it’s head office it is suited in is best for all types of people bigner, expert and between them.

Transaction fee of this is very low for the user. 0.1 percent fee the user will pay when he gets a transaction. it can decrease if the user will be trading in a high position. In this platform users will not face any risk because it is fully secure for the user. 


1:Low fee for the transaction.

2: huge collection of cryptocurrency 

3:No risk

4:Full prove Security


1:Customer service can be slow sometime

2: It is not support to the american.


 Many cryptocurrency changer company are available in ver all the world.Kraken is one of the most amazing company which provide the cryptocurrency exchange provide the amazing service to the user.almost every country of people have account of this platform in overall the world.The amazing features of this system which it is famous it’s now fee. it’s trading fee is very low which is the main advantage of this’s trading fee is just 0.36 percent. 


1:Low trading Fee

2:Easy way to trading

3: Customer support


1:Limited currency 


It is a famous company which provides the cryptocurrency exchange service but it is not technocial work in cryptocurrency. It makes a list of those companies which are working in cryptocurrency exchanges. Without using hodlolt you can hold your currency on these platforms and make interest against your actual currency.

It can be considered a savings account. There is no risk your investment will be safe on these companies.

Main advantage of this platform is that you can get your interest after one week.Mean while it is not limited you can withdraw your currency when you want there is no required specific time for withdrawal.

You will get 10.5 percent interest if you will hold your currency on this factor also best of this company.


1:High interest rate against holding your currency.

2:Not required for a specific period.

3:Several cryptocurrency available on this platform.

4: No risk on this platform.


1:You can’t trade on this platform.

2: Just five types of currency you can change on this platform.


Cryptocurrency became a popular business at this time. In this article i explain 5 platforms which are providing cryptocurrency exchange service.All these platforms will be helpful for those people who are working in digital currency. Read carefully this post and get information about cryptocurrency exchange and leave a message in the comment section about what I can change in this article.