Why Choose Trading Sites over Bitcoin ATMs?


Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin ATMs, like regular ATMs for fiat currencies, are situated in a real place and allow you to purchase or sell BTC. Some provide both functions. Others, for example, just enable you to purchase BTC. The primary distinction between regular and Bitcoin ATMs is that traditional ATMs enable you to withdraw cash from your account, but Bitcoin ATMs are often linked to a crypto trading platform. To use a Bitcoin ATM, you must present identification. You can, for example, use your passport or a driver’s license.

How do Bitcoin ATMs work?

A bitcoin ATM resembles a conventional ATM. There is, however, a noticeable difference between these two computers. Traditional ATMs require a debit or credit card to enable you transact money when you insert the card into the ATM. Your transaction will be completed after the cash is disbursed by the ATM. The way regular ATMs function now is vastly different from how bitcoin ATMs work.

Do bitcoin ATMs pass out cash?

Typically, bitcoin ATMs deliver wallets or crypto currency. This, however, is dependent on the brand or kind of bitcoin ATM in issue. Some machines may pay you in cash in exchange for bitcoin, while others can accept cash in exchange for crypto. There are two types of Bitcoin ATMs. One example is the Two-Way Bitcoin ATM, which allows you to purchase and trade cryptocurrency. The second one just offers the purchasing option. According to statistics, about 66.6 percent of bitcoin ATMs have the Buy function. While the remaining 33.3 percent provides both purchase and sell options. The Two-Way ATM appears to give greater benefits to traders.

How to use a bitcoin ATM?

Despite the fact that each ATM machine operates differently, the procedure of purchasing and selling through the machine is nearly the same. Using a Bitcoin ATM is also quite easy. Here are a few steps to use BTM:

  • You must select the “Buy bitcoin” option.
  • Using a BTM scanner, scan the QR code.
  • You may be asked to produce identification by the ATM.
  • Enter the desired purchasing amount.
  • Check your bitcoin wallet to check that the transactions are valid.


When the two choices are compared, it goes without saying that trading sites are considerably superior. They are far more easily available. You may log in at any time and from any location using your mobile or desktop computer. All you need is an Internet connection. Yes, ATMs take cash, but this isn’t a huge benefit when trading sites allow credit/debit cards and a variety of other payment options.

Not only that, but costs at trading sites are quite cheap, whereas fees at Bitcoin ATMs may go as high as 10%. Finally, trading sites are considerably more user-friendly owing to the algorithms that trading sites utilize to optimize traders’ earnings. Trading platforms are not concerned with emptying the trader’s account by charging fees and striving to ensure that the trader does not benefit. On the contrary, they assist them since generating a profit is a win-win situation for both parties. Dealing platforms are the best choice when it comes to trading with Bitcoin.

Main differences

The primary distinction between online trading platforms and Bitcoin ATMs is the ease of access and convenience they provide. Obviously, online trading platforms are considerably more accessible, since all you need to access a trading site is an internet connection and your smartphone or tablet. When it comes to internet trading platforms, the number of possibilities is significantly greater. In comparison, there are presently over 14,000 Bitcoin ATMs in operation across the world. They are, nevertheless, quite popular among the less tech-savvy audience trying to obtain BTC. Furthermore, if you wish to trade your BTC for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies, you have additional alternatives on the trading platform.

And, of course, you have the option of investing for the long term or the short term. Bitcoin ATMs, on the other hand, aren’t very useful for short-term trading or trading in general. Not only do the majority of them have only one purpose, but they are always viewed as a method to obtain BTC or make a long-term investment. Because they are physically located in certain regions, you cannot spend as much time evaluating different currencies or options as you would on an internet trading site, for example.

Trading Sites or Bitcoin ATMs?

As you may be aware, trading platforms are not the only venues where you may trade and earn from Bitcoin. Bitcoin ATMs are an additional alternative. However, data reveal that they are significantly inferior to these sites. To begin with, Bitcoin ATMs are not available in every country on the planet. Not only that, but ATMs are not available on every street corner. They are typically seen in large retail malls and urban locations.

Trading sites, on the other hand, run online and may be accessed at any time and from any location. Their websites use cutting-edge HTML5 technology, and you may trade from either a desktop or a mobile device. According to research, Bitcoin ATMs can charge fees ranging from 10 to 25 percent on trades, which is a colossal sum. Trading sites have much lower fees. These platforms are more concerned with providing you with the greatest possible service than with profiting from your efforts.