Top five apps/services you need when visiting London


London is one of the most visited places in the world and can be tricky to navigate if you’re not familiar with the surroundings.

But fret no more, here are five of the best apps/services that will help you on your travels if you are visiting the capital with this summer.

1.       Reeclaim 

With 105 million passenger journeys made on the London Underground service each month, delays are part and parcel of city life.  Fortunately, a new service has launched to assist in providing passengers with travel refunds when the dreaded red signal appears, or when those inevitable delays get the better of you.

Reeclaim automatically scans tube journeys to determine if you are due a refund, saving you the time and hassle of having to do so manually. Each time you are delayed, the company submits a refund request to TfL on your behalf, and once approved, you will then be credited the full amount. It’s a completely free process, that involves a once-off registration which takes less than five minutes.

2.       Citymapper

It is always easy to get lost in unfamiliar territory. To help with that, Citymapper launched in London in 2015 to help people survive and master the complicated concept that cities can be.

Citymapper provides directions and transport options for many methods of urban transport including walking, cycling, driving and public transport. The service operates as a free app and is great for people who want to explore the city or who want to find the best and most efficient route.

3.       AirPortr

AirPortr is a same-day luggage delivery service that collects and checks in your luggage for your flight from homes, hotels and offices in the capital from just £15.

The service helps people to make the most of their day in London bag-free, whether they have an early flight into the city and don’t want to carry bags around before checking into a hotel or have a late flight and don’t want to pay extra for storage.

In addition, Passengers flying into London’s airports are able to book online, over the phone, or when they land at the airport and drop their luggage with an AirPortr concierge before heading into the city.


4.       London Live Bus Countdown

London Live Bus Countdown is a clever app that taps directly into live TFL data and provides minute by minute progress of all London buses.

You’ll know exactly your bus is due to turn up and can even keep tabs on all the other services due at your stop just in case you need to change route. It also lets you know your closest bus stop and best of all, it is absolutely free! Downloaded by four million people, you really can’t go wrong.


5.       Zipcar

If you’re an ambitious individual who feels brave enough to head out onto the open road, Zipcar might be for you. The company is changing the car hire game by offering a nifty service for those who require wheels at the click of a button.

Zipcar allows users to join and drive away on the same day and it can be done simply through the app or website. What’s best is that you can book the car either for a few hours or the whole day, whatever suits your needs. You arrive at the car, unlock it with your app and the keys are inside the glove box, ready for you to drive away.