Top Sexual fetishes in London Revealed ahead of Valentine’s Day


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, London’s favourite sexual fetishes have been revealed

Researchers at SlotsUp have looked into what the most searched fetishes are across the UK and London’s might surprise you…

People in London like things a little bit Fifty Shades of Grey. The capital city had the highest search volume for five of the nineteen sexual fetishes in the study.

Londoners search for cuckolding, sploshing, impact play, wax play and exhibitionism more than any other city in the UK.

Cuckolding: The acts in which a man or woman enjoys watching their partner having sex with another person.

Sploshing: Covering one’s self in food/wet and messy substances in order to achieve sexual stimulation/arousal.

Impact Play: When one partner hits the other for sexual gratification, such as spanking.

Wax Play: A BDSM game which involves pouring hot wax on your partner.

Exhibitionism: Derivation of sexual gratification through a compulsive display of one’s genitals