Top Stock Market News and Research Platforms You Need to Check Out


As a retail investor, you should get hold of information at your fingertips concerning the stock market. Most of us might be claiming to know it all; however, it is ambitious to claim to be an expert in the field given the deep well of information out there. 

As a stock trader, taking enough time to research stocks and funds you intend on trading will be of huge benefit to you. So are you currently using any tool or services that can help you out with your research and trade more effectively? In this article, we have rounded up some of the best stock market news and research platforms to maximize your profits, minimize your loss, and master the market through your research. 

1. Finviz Stock Screener.

This is by far one of the easiest stock screening tools available in the market. Finviz is an asset for both the beginning and professional traders. The name finviz was derived from combining the words “financial” and “visualization,” concerning the site’s wide range of candlestick charts and easily comprehensible visuals that can relay the market’s performance just with a glance. 

Finviz stock screener impressively works wonders in sorting and scanning stocks with over 60 fundamental, technical and descriptive characteristics. You can easily access finviz’s real-time market data with a $25 per month elite version. To professional traders, this is well-spent money for a gold mine of data. 

2. Trading Reviewers.

Trading reviewers is a combination of stock screening tools and market data packages that offers more readable and efficient software than most of the best market reviewing sites. This site features a clean and user-friendly format with a wide range of trading ebooks to go through and enhance your skills in trading. Both beginning and professional traders can make use of TradingReviewers daily. 

Unlike most other trading news platforms, TradingReviewers offers various trading courses, software, chat rooms, communities, newsletters, and ebooks. To gain full access to this site, kindly visit the website for an indepth review and check out the wide range of trading ideas they have for you. They review guides and tutorials from various reputable traders in the world. On the site, you will also find the profiles of genuine and successful traders. 

3. Moomoo.

Moomoo was created and designed as a smart trading platform, and users get to enjoy the benefits of lower fees. This platform built its well-organized and advanced tools all in one app. It is easy and free to use for beginners and experienced traders. Well-hosted research tools are there to help you make profitable investment decisions. They also have a paper trading feature with real-time data if you intend to stimulate the investment experience before going in. 

Moomoo also gives you the option to make your investment when it’s convenient for you. You can be able to execute trades despite being on the go or at home, all with your customized setup backed up on different devices. And there is no minimum amount of deposit required to open an account. 

4. The Motley Fool Stock Advisor.

Many investors do not have enough time to run a stock research tool independently, and they rather focus on experts’ selections. Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor newsletters are easy to read monthly subscriptions that provide a stock pick for the first two months from Tom and David Gardener, the Motley Fool founders. You will also get a list of the “10 best buys now in stock” every month, as well as a ten-starter stock to help in building your portfolio. If that does not sound enough to you, be aware that Fool’s marketing team claims to have their recommendations consistently beating the S&P 500. This offers busy investors an opportunity to have a close seat on the action.

If anything binds all these market data research and investment news together, it is their appeal for self-directed investors. People who thrive towards creating and managing their portfolios. Does this mean that investors, without much time and inclination in managing their investments, do not need to pay attention to company reports or market news? Not at all. Despite working with a full-service financial advisor who executes daily investment management, you still need to be informed. How will you be able to challenge your financial advisor when they make uncertain investing decisions or happen to come short of the exact plan that you laid out? Knowledge is power, whether you are in charge or not! Above is a list of top stock market news and research platforms that you need to check to make profitable decisions in your investment journey.