Tower Hamlets congestion tackled with pay-by-the-hour mobility service


Working in partnership with Tower Hamlets Council, Ubeeqo, a Europcar Mobility Group company is helping the residents of Tower Hamlets tackle the cost of car ownership, congestion and parking.  Providing a cost-effective and convenient alternative to car ownership, the Ubeeqo car club is providing residents with access to up to 60 vehicles across the borough.  And a special promotion running through the rest of October is giving residents the chance to try out the service by offering new members £20 Free Driving Credit for a limited-time only.

“By providing flexible access to the latest, brand-new vehicles, we are bringing a new, low-impact and low-cost travel option to Tower Hamlets, benefitting the whole community.” said Patrick Cresswell, Managing Director of Ubeeqo UK.

“Once residents experience the convenience and cost-effectiveness of Ubeeqo, we expect many to consider selling their privately-owned vehicles – on average every car sharing vehicle added to the road in the UK removes 10 privately-owned vehicles. Not only will this provide personal cost savings, but fewer privately-owned cars in the Borough will mean a reduction in congestion and parking pressure too, having a positive impact on all residents.

Robin Payne, International Division Director for Public Realm of Tower Hamlets Council added: “We are delighted to be working with Ubeeqo because we can now offer our residents access to a car when they need it – without the cost and maintenance burden of ownership.  Whether locals are looking for a vehicle for a couple of hours to buy their groceries or a whole day for a family trip, the Ubeeqo car club will provide instant access to brand new, fully-loaded vehicles.  This will not only help to improve air quality but also encourage the use of more sustainable and active modes of transport.”

Ubeeqo vehicles are specially adapted to include an RFID card access system, meaning the cars can be booked online or via the Ubeeqo mobile app, and used by several different people throughout the day at a cost starting from just £4.50 per hour, or £40 for 24 hours. The cars can be booked for any length of time (over one hour). 50 miles of fuel, London Congestion Charge and insurance is included in this price, and the minimum membership age is just 21.

Tower Hamlets residents & businesses are eligible for FREE lifetime Ubeeqo Membership and £20 Free Driving Credit. Simply visit: and enter promo code: THLAUNCH when prompted to claim this special promotion. Be quick, this offer expires 31stOctober 2018.