Treasury Minister Opens the Door To PumpWatch


Following a request from Kirstene Hair MP (Angus) to the Chancellor at Treasury Questions for the Government to consider a PumpWatch style mechanism to make fuel pricing more transparent and fairer for UK’s 37m drivers, The Exchequer Secretary, Robert Jenrick MP met with APPG MPs and the FairFuelUK Campaign Team on Wednesday 25th April to progress the idea.

The meeting attendees included: Exchequer Secretary Robert Jenrick MP (Newark), Douglas Ross MP (Moray) and Chair of the APPG, Vice Chairs of the APPG Kirstene Hair MP (Angus) and Robert Halfon MP (Harlow) plus FairFuelUK Founders Howard Cox and Quentin Willson

Following a very positive and constructive meeting, The Exchequer Secretary agreed that the APPG and FairFuelUK should produce a voluntary pump price monitoring code. The code must allow fair competition, protect smaller independent garages and give full transparency to pump price changes, so that bikers, motorists, van drivers, truckers are clear as to when and how, pump prices rise and fall due to exchange rate and oil price movements. If these criteria are met the Treasury will support the introduction of a voluntary PumpWatch code.
Robert Jenrick said: “We had a productive meeting with FairFuelUK and members of the APPG for Fair Fuel for UK Motorists and UK Hauliers. The Government understands that fuel prices are an important part of households’ expenditures which is why the government has frozen fuel duty for the ninth successive year, saving the average motorist £140 per year and the average haulier £2800 per year. We discussed FairFuelUK’s proposal for a voluntary code to encourage fuel retailers to provide greater transparency to consumers in relation to wholesale fuel prices and the prices being charged at the pump. I look forward to hearing about their proposal in more detail and continuing to work with them.”