Understanding the Importance of DBS Checks


What you do in the past and all of your accomplishments are already set in stone. Still, you always need to be prepared for background checks and screenings. These happen more commonly than you think. Whether it’s for a requirement at work or for immigration, it’s always best to know what it is that you need to do during these instances.

The most common type of background check you’ll come across is a Disclosure and Barring Service check or DBS check for short. To put it simply, this is a background check of your criminal records which include all of your convictions, reprimands, warnings, and everything in between.

Most people see it as a discriminatory practice that puts those with a troubled past at a great disadvantage when it comes to employment. However, DBS checks are more important than you think and that last thing they are is discriminatory.

The Goal Of DBS Checks

Before you understand why DBS checks are important, it’s vital that you learn about safer recruitment first.

Safer recruitment is a version of the recruitment process wherein various considerations are made to ensure that children, young people, and other adults are not put at risk of any harm. Not all jobs require a DBS check. Those that do are often those that are involved with the well-being and security of people such as the health and wellness sector.

DBS checks are important for the sector as there needs to be an established trust between clients and their companies. Companies are going to rest easy knowing that their clients are being cared for by people who don’t have a troubled past. Of course, DBS checks also reveal who is capable of caring for people.

Beyond doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers, there are many other jobs wherein DBS checks are crucial. Some of these jobs include teachers, social workers, foster carers, solicitors, accountants, and more. In some cases, DBS checks are more intensive than in others.

DBS checks don’t just help the employers and their clients. It also helps the applicants too. These checks are also a way to show one’s worth and competence in a certain field. It’s not as valuable as what employers will see on your resume but the results are important nonetheless.

What happens if you fail a DBS check? In most cases, your application will be denied by the employer but this doesn’t always happen. Some employers can give you a chance after further assessment but these are hard to come by. As such, it’s a must that you stay on the good side of the law at all times.

What Happens In A DBS Check?

These intensive checks usually take around two weeks or 14 working days to be completed. If you are looking to get yours quickly, then you should look for platforms that offer enhanced DBS check processed online fast which are services that are easy to find. Of course, you can’t really expect to get yours within a couple of days.

The DBS check is an intensive process. Again, these background checks are important for the safety and security of others. It’s a must that the process is long and detailed.

The first step in the process is of course finding a job that actually requires a DBS check. Your employer will be giving you a form which you’ll submit back to them after filling it out. Your employer will then submit your form to a checker. The speed at which the document is returned depends on the checker.

The form tasks you with answering many questions regarding your personal information. It’s a must that you stay honest and disclose all of the details available. These are intensive background checks so they can see if you are being dishonest about certain things on the form.

It’s your choice if you take the DBS check or not. Keep in mind that if you deny the check, you are basically letting go of your chance at the job opportunity.

Once done, the DBS check’s results are sent to you and not your employer. You can use the results for your applications in the future. Of course, you’ll have to submit the results to your employer as part of the application process as well.

DBS checks are basically an important part of the hiring process that employers and applicants should never skip out on. It may seem like a bother to go through the extra step when applying but if it lets your employer know about your reputation and overall personality, then it’s something you need to get done.