Useful Tips for Hiring the Right Commercial Cleaning Company


Cleanliness is one of those uncompromisable points of owning a business. Even though your options will be vast, there are many variables to consider. Janitors will be some of the most trusted staff you have in the building at any time, and it’s up to you to find a commercial cleaning company that is the utmost trustworthy. In this article are a few basic tips to keep in mind for when you’re shopping around for a cleaning service. 

Offered Services

The first thing you should do before you contact the company for a quote is to make a list of all the cleaning needs of your facility. Cleaning a warehouse with high ceilings and giant fans will require a completely different set of tools than what’s needed for cleaning an office. The cleaning professionals from suggest you first figure out the basic and most unique requirements your space has in order to remain tidy. Commercial cleaning companies will usually offer a selection of choices that will fulfill any job you have, but it’s always good to be safe and make sure that they have the tools and expertise to meet your standards. 


Make sure to ask how the company screens its employees. A background check proving a clean criminal history should be a requirement for any company you hire. Many companies will have a list of their employees on their website with a description of their experience and history with the company. It’s a good idea to inquire about how the company determines if someone is qualified and how they train them when they’re onboarded. This will give you an idea of their standards and whether or not all of their employees operate under the same standards.


Always ask if the employees cleaning your space are insured by the company. If the answer is yes, then you’ll want to get some specific information about what it entails so you can discuss it with your lawyer. Your lawyer should know what kinds of insurance will protect both you and the employee if an accident happens. Always have your lawyer check into the insurance information the company sites. It’s a safety precaution that will assure you that you and your business will be safe in the worst-case scenario. 


Shopping around is a must when deciding on a janitorial service. The pricing options will vary quite a bit. How pricey they are will depend on the overall quality of the service, products, and tools they use, and it will also depend on whether or not the employees are insured and have undergone a background check. Although the companies that conduct background checks and provide insurance are more expensive, those are some things that are worth the extra bucks. It’s important that your business does not incur expenses due to theft or accidents when people come to clean the facility. 

Make sure to call and ask how the company will provide you with the quote. They should visit the facility and give you a full-scope review of what services they can fulfill and how much it will cost. 


Any reputable business will have references. But don’t get references from just anyone—you want references from businesses that have a similar type of space as you so that you know the cleaning company can deliver. Look at the reviews they have on their website, along with any on their Google reviews. Reviews are often taken with a grain of salt, but if there’s a problem, then there will be a pattern in the reviews. 


Look into the company’s history of clientele. This will show what kind of long-lasting relationships they have with their clients and if they have a history of working in facilities similar to yours. This is just another way of measuring how dependable the company is. A long history with reputable companies is a good sign. 

Quality Assurance 

Always ask how the company can provide quality assurance. Most companies will conduct regular inspections—but how regular are the inspections, and what standards are they held to? Better yet, is the company using any kind of apps or software that holds the staff accountable and solves issues quickly? Make sure the company can specifically state how they maintain their standards and ensure client satisfaction. 

If you’re thinking about hiring a janitorial service to clean your company’s space, then make sure you first evaluate what kinds of tools and expertise your space will require. Then, go through the same process of hiring them as you would any employee of your own company—checking their history, credibility, and trustworthiness.