Useful Tips for Setting Up a Baby Nursery


Having a baby is a super exciting time in every person’s life, especially the parents to be. It is a time for new beginnings and a time to start looking towards the future. Naturally expecting a baby can also be a scary time (especially if it is your first baby) but you should not panic and stress out too much as looking after your baby really is child’s play, you will do great, especially once they sleep through the night! 

Preparing for your new arrival is an exciting time, from changing that first nappy to dressing your little one there are lots of little things that add extra sparkle and magic to having a baby in your home. Creating and decorating a nursery just adds even more excitement to the imminent arrival of your new baby. So what do you need for your nursery:

Rocker Chair: Whether you are breastfeeding or formula feeding you will need a comfortable place to sit, especially for those middle of the night feeds. A good quality rocker chair that is comfortable for you and your back is a must in any nursery. You can go for a traditional wooden chair, or leather covered rocker.

Moses basket : These are ideal for the first few weeks of your baby’s life, after this your baby will probably be too heavy to go in a basket, and so they are only recommended for use up until your baby reaches around 8 weeks. Nonetheless it is still a must have item, as is a moses basket stand. With stands you can get a rocker base that the moses fits into or a foldable stand, the choice is yours and it is entirely personal.

Cot or Cotbed: Although this will not be used straight away it is necessary to have a cot and appropriate sized mattress that you can move your baby into. A cot will last your baby up until they go into their first toddler bed (around 18months plus). Babys Mart sells both cots, and cot beds and you could look at getting a cot bed which converts to a toddler bed, which might cost more initially, but it would save you having to buy a toddler bed a little further down the line.

Wardrobe: It is amazing how many clothes such a little person can have, but believe it or not a childs wardrobe (which is shorter in height) than an adult’s wardrobe will soon get filled up with lots of adorable clothing. You can get wardrobes with two doors, or with 2 doors and a small drawer underneath, the choice is up to you which one you go for.

Chest of Drawers: This is a must have for even the smallest of rooms as it is necessary to have drawers to store everything from muslin cloths, to little baby grows and nighttime rompers, and not forgetting all the other little things that could get lost if they are not put away, or if they are just thrown into a wardrobe.

Changing Table: You could use a mat on the floor, but think about your back. Changing your baby on the floor does nothing good for your back, so get a changing table that is the perfect height for daily use. Some changing tables also feature compartments and sections for the products you will use at changing time, including cream, nappies and wipes.

Pushchair and travel system: Travelling with your baby has never been so much fun or so easy. Travelling in style with a baby is easy and fashionable, whether you go for a classic Silver Cross pram or pushchair, or you go for a babystyle travel system which includes a car seat, you will never have difficulty leaving the house.

When creating a nursery it is the ideal time to let your creative streak take hold. Whether you are creating a themed safari nursery which is perfect for your little explorers, or, you are creating a pastel palace suitable for a little princess you will not struggle to find a good selection of accessories to decorate your baby’s nursery. 

From wall decals to bedding sets you can get everything you need to create the nursery of your dreams. Create a design board for your new nursery to ensure that it looks exactly the same as you thought it would. Take time to create a nursery that you enjoy, and that you like to spend time in as especially in the first few months you will feel like you never leave your baby’s nursery, this is not a bad thing though and you should cherish every moment you can.