Using Betano in Bulgaria – Tips & Things that you need to know


Many top-tier gambling brands are available in a coupleof countries because they want to become even morepopular among punters. Some of these brands completethe specific process that allows them to obtain a license, whereas others operate without a permit. Luckily, Betano Bulgaria belongs in the first group because this European gambling platform obtained a permit fromBulgaria’s IRS. Consequently, it can offer online casino games and sports betting to punters who are at least 18 years old.

Many people in the country have already used Betano atleast a couple of times because the site uses an affiliateprogram and ads to advertise its services. With thatbeing said, some of these punters have no idea what to focus on or how to utilize Betano’s full potential. Therefore, this guide with tips and tricks will try to helponline punters find all the answers they need.

You can sign up faster

One of the first things that every Bulgarian has to do inorder to use Betano is to sign up. Even though the sitemay offer a demo mode and the opportunity for onlinebettors to use unique propositions, gamblers will have to sign up.

Registering at an online betting platform takes timebecause people have to go through the step-by-stepprocess. Even though this shouldn’t be that hard, somepunters want to start using Betano’s site immediatelybecause they are impressed by everything it offers.

It seems like this European betting operator knows thatmany of its customers would like to play right awaybecause it offers them the chance to sign up with their Facebook or Google accounts. To access these options, you just have to open Betano’s site, selectRegistration”, and click one of the icons. Once thathappens, you will be redirected to a new page whereyou have to do different things, depending on whatyou’ve clicked on.

After registering, you can use your new account to availyourself of all of the different things.

You can use the search bar to find something faster

One of the big problems that some people face whenusing iGaming sites like Betano is that they offer toomany options. This place is full of sports, casino games, loads of features, and amazing bonuses. Therefore, the average bettor might have problems when trying to finda specific thing while using Betano Bulgaria and itsservices.

It seems like the people who operate this website havethought about this problem and have an excitingsolution. Instead of requiring people to go throughnumerous sections, the team behind the brand placed a search icon next to the promo section. This gives usersthe chance to look for a particular promo, event, casino game, option, etc.

You do not need to have an account in order to test this option, so make sure you make the most of it.

There are things like Special Bets 

Betano’s impressive sportsbook and casino section arecapable of living up to every punter’s expectations. While it is true that most bettors in Bulgaria will beimpressed by what it offers, there will be at least a couple of bettors who would want to try something evenmore exclusive.

This online betting site doesn’t want to disappointanyone, so it offers something called Special Bets. Thelatter provides punters the chance to choose uniquekinds of bets that are not accessible in the regularsportsbook. Most of the options are related to a specificteam or player, but there are also things, such aschampionship bets.

Some of the special bets don’t seem interesting at first, but if you take a look at their odds, you will beimpressed. Most of the available options have excellentodds even when compared to standard alternatives.